St. Catherine University adds test-optional admission for prospective students

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Starting this fall, St. Catherine University will no longer require prospective students to submit ACT or SAT scores to be considered for admission. 

Since its founding in 1905, St. Kate’s has been committed to meeting the needs of the time and providing women access to a high quality academic experience. This change continues that commitment and expands access to even more students.  

The use of standardized tests has been the subject of debate for several years, and an issue that St. Kate’s has proactively assessed. The decision to make these standardized tests optional align with the University’s mission and strategic plan priority to create a culture of inclusive excellence throughout the institution, including our admissions processes.  

“The move to test-optional admissions is a critical step in addressing bias in standardized testing and removing barriers for students interested in attending St. Kate’s,” said Cory Piper-Hauswirth, associate vice president of admission, College for Women. “The University has long held a reputation for academic excellence and attracting bright and talented women. We know that these test scores are not strong indicators of this talent or their success at St. Kate’s.”

A growing number of colleges and universities nationwide have adopted test-optional admissions policies, including top universities and liberal arts colleges. The St. Kate’s admissions process will continue to include a comprehensive review of submitted application materials to identify students best prepared to thrive in the academic rigor of a liberal arts university. This includes high school transcripts, strength of course selections, extracurricular and service activities, and personal essays. Students may still submit test scores if they wish, and the admissions team will include them as part of the application review. All applicants will be considered for merit-based scholarships regardless of whether they submit test scores.