A sneak peek of Katwalk 2016: Opulence

A sneak peek of Katwalk 2016: Opulence

A sneak peak of featured looks (from left) by senior designers Dina Penaloza, Lisa Kasperson, Miriam Arrieta, Nou Her, Stephanie Merlak and Natasha Bame.

Katwalk 2016

Over three dozen apparel, merchandising and design students will showcase their looks at the Katwalk 2016: Opulence fashion show this Saturday, May 14 at 7:30 p.m. in The O’Shaughnessy auditorium.

Sustainable practice is incorporated at every level of St. Kate’s apparel design program curriculum, from re-purposing textiles to creating looks from recycled material. Each year, this commitment is showcased in the Katwalk.

This year's show features two upcycled sustainability collections: Safe Harbor and Intention. Safe Harbor, a feminine and romantic spring/summer collection, showcases designs made entirely from materials purchased at ArtScraps, a nonprofit reuse store that combines waste management with art making.

The apparel design program's long-standing relationship the international nonprofit Terra Cycle offered a new material for this year's senior design challenge: tents from Mountain Hardwear.

The seniors delivered with Intention, a collection inspired by the idea of using materials for an unexpected purpose. They worked as a group to create designs that juxtapose between rugged tents and soft, feminine silhouettes — experimenting with flowing drapes, unique structures and fabric mixing.

St. Kate’s Fashion Association, a student organization, coordinates all aspects of the annual Katwalk from the design of print materials and event marketing, to staging and music.

Six apparel design seniors will present full collections, which represent a culmination of their work at St. Kate’s.

Miriam Arrieta’s spring collection "Aejeong Blue" is inspired by the delicate features of the Korean hanbok, with a modern twist.

"Jolie Laide," a French term which translates to "beautiful ugly" captures the idea and emotion of a post apocalyptic dystopia, and inspired the collection created by Natasha Bame.

Nou Her’s senior collection is entitled "100 days with you." This fun, flirty and youthful collection is based around the romantic tradition of couples celebrating the first 100 days of their relationship, which is customary in some Asian cultures.

“A Penny for your Thoughts," is a light, airy and casual women’s wear line by Lisa Kasperson. Inspired by the practice of being mindful and being with one's own thoughts, the collection’s easy silhouettes feature a mix of interesting fabrics that offer a fresh and forward perspective.

Stephanie Merlak’s "9pm" line was inspired by what women her age are usually doing at 9 p.m.: lounging around the house or getting ready to go out. Offering a more glamorous alternative to sweatpants, "9pm" is a collection of loungewear that is just as fun and flirty as the woman who wears it.

"Unidad" (Spanish for unity) is a non-traditional bridal line by Dina Penaloza that includes four bridal gowns and two bride’s maids gowns. "Unidad" celebrates the union of two different ideas becoming one. The use of bright metallics and blush nudes make for a fresh twist on bridal wear.

Katwalk is open to the public. Admission is $15 ($8 for students). Tickets are available online or at The O’Shaughnessy box office.

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By Sharon Rolenc