Roshna Khan, MBA Alumna: Confidence and Ethics in Business and at Home

Headshot of graduate admission counselor Roshna Quddusi

Roshna Khan was always driven to succeed in academics, resolving in high school that she would pursue advanced degrees. Taking her GMAT while she was still earning her bachelor’s degree, Roshna meticulously prepared for future study. While working as an international marketing and recruiting manager, she discovered a love of marketing and decided that a Master of Business Administration degree would suit her skills and passion. 

When choosing an MBA program, Roshna searched for a collaborative graduate experience, a program that would not only give her knowledge of marketing and business, but would add to her executive presence and leadership potential. St. Kate’s MBA program immediately stood out as a program that would build her knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Earning her MBA at St. Kate’s propelled Roshna forward to greater success in her career and personal life. The degree opened doors to spaces with decision makers and gave her the confidence to build her network and go on informational interviews in preparation for her future in business. Her network put her in touch with executives at Salesforce, the world’s largest customer relationship marketing company. She went through a rigorous interviewing process with Salesforce, receiving a competitive job offer with a significant increase in compensation, responsibility, and upward potential.  In her personal life, she’s learned to be more intentional with her words and demands. Perhaps most significantly, she’s built relationships with amazing women mentors. “I will cherish those relationships for life,” Rosha says.

Roshna believes that being a St. Kate’s alumna has forced her to broaden her horizons and view the world differently than her peers. St. Kate’s MBA program taught her to view everything through the lens of social justice and women’s empowerment. As she seeks solutions at Salesforce and in her personal life, she is now focused on the solution that is fair and equitable for all. The growth that she gained at St. Kate’s has been her biggest differentiator in the corporate world, specifically the ability to share her opinions with confidence and back it up her ideas with facts and research.

“We as women need to demand space at the table — not just for ourselves but also for every woman who comes after us.” – Roshna Khan.