Professor Caroline Krafft, PhD, Granted Tenure

Now in her fifth year of teaching in the Economics and Political Science Department at St. Catherine University, economics professor Caroline Krafft, PhD, has been awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor. Krafft specializes in economic development and specifically human development. Throughout her time at St. Kate’s, she has published a variety of policy blogs, policy briefs, reports, working papers, book chapters, journal articles, and complete books. Since 2015, Krafft has published a total of 21 journal articles and three books. Much of this research has been focused on labor, education, health, and inequality in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Currently, Krafft teaches multiple classes, including Economics of Social Issues, Macroeconomic Policy, and Topics in Healthcare Economics. Professor Krafft loves showing students how economics is not just all about the stock market but can be applied to a wide variety of issues which each individual student is passionate about. Students and alumnae cherish Krafft as a professor who has mastered the fusion between the rigor and practicality of economics and the compassion of the liberal arts.

Professor Krafft has collaborated on and published research with students and alumnae on a variety of projects. Right now, this includes co-editing the book The Egyptian Labor Market: A Focus on Gender and Economic Vulnerability ,and she is carrying out this endeavor with economics student Kala Tiede '21.

Krafft is passionate about the way economics is a toolkit for understanding and tackling social problems. At St. Kate's, she has been excited to be part of the department’s movement to address ongoing disparity within the field of economics, where there is a large underrepresentation of women and minorities. St. Catherine University is one of the few economics departments in the United States in which all of the full-time faculty are women. St. Kate’s has an economics community that is continuously supportive of using their skills and education for the greater good. It is professors like Krafft who ground the social justice mission at St. Catherine University. 

The Economics and Political Science Department is grateful for the wealth of contributions Krafft has made throughout her years at St. Kate’s, along with her passion for continuing to educate young economists about the impacts they can make with their developing economics toolkit.