MLIS student spotlight: Marta Johnson '19

Marta Johnson is a current MLIS student focused on archives and special libraries and took advantage of an independent study course last semester — see what she has to say below.

Marta Johnson '19
Communications Specialist

What made you want to get your LIS? What do you want to do with your LIS degree?
I have a fairly diverse education background and I was unsure what to do with all of it. After meeting with some former professors, they suggested Library Science and it made sense. I'd like to be able to work on information access, in any job I have, and also showcase information that has been "forgotten" or ignored.

At this point, what are your career goals?
Working in archives but specifically in ones that are dance focused would be phenomenal, as would working internationally in either archives or special libraries.

What advice would you give to fellow students?
Follow the path you want to take, but don't be afraid to take courses that will help you add skills for a job. I took the Metadata for the Internet course, not necessarily because I'm passionate about metadata, but I knew that it will help me in my career. It turned out to be a fun and interesting class too, so that was a bonus.

Any leadership positions, special projects, work that you’re proud of?
I did an independent study course in the fall where I did some preliminary research on information access in rural/agricultural areas. It turned into a study of library/information perception between farmers and librarians. It was so fascinating! I also grew up in a rural area, so I have a personal interest in this kind of study. I'd like to continue the research, hopefully this summer.


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