Lynda Hainlin, MAOL'18: Perseverance in Leadership

Beginning the Journey

Twenty-six years after completing her bachelor’s degree in business administration and management, Lynda Hainlin decided to continue her academic journey. Lynda joined St. Kate’s organizational leadership program by enrolling in the customized leadership program with a cohort of her colleagues at Wells Fargo. Lynda believed completing the 3-semester, 9-credit certificate would give her an advantage in future job applications.

After her first night in class, however, Lynda knew she would not be satisfied with completing only the certificate. “I learned things in the first class, even the first night of the first class, that have helped me. As I finished up the first class, I knew that this was something I wanted to continue through the end.” After completing the certificate coursework, Lynda immediately enrolled in the full Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree.

Leadership Evolution

Through completing MAOL coursework and applying newly learned leadership skills in her personal and professional life, Lynda was able to build confidence in her leadership abilities—and others have noticed. Her co-workers and classmates have commented that Lynda’s time management and organizational skills have improved since beginning the MAOL program. Lynda has also developed an accurate sense of her strengths and weaknesses, knowing when to ask for help from others and when to stop second-guessing and believe in her own abilities.

Lynda’s beliefs about leadership have changed as well. Before enrolling at St. Kate’s, she thought of leadership simply as management, but through her self-reflection, research, and learning within the MAOL program, Lynda has developed an expanded and more nuanced view of leadership. She now understands that “leadership is ever evolving. There are people that are natural born leaders. There are also people that can become great leaders. Leaders make mistakes, and leaders can ask for help.”

Next Steps

Since graduating, Lynda has continued to apply the skills she learned within the MAOL program. She often reflects on concepts from her classes and applies these ideas when faced with a challenge or opportunity at work. To anyone considering the MAOL program, Lynda offers this advice, “Stop thinking about it and do it. It doesn’t matter what trade you’re in or what you do for a living. It’s a program that will help anyone from entry-level positions to senior executives.”