Leader Spotlight: Pa Lor

Pa Lor is a highly driven and motivated individual who strives for continuous improvement and effectiveness. Pa’s leadership and actions stem from her values of honesty, integrity, community, and inclusion. Pa is passionate about finding ways for everyone to succeed and be involved. Thus, she seeks to find holistic ways to serve and empower others.

MAOL students complete an action research project to address a current leadership issue. For her project, Pa implemented a series of workshops to improve emerging leaders’ knowledge and skills in conflict resolution.

The Emerging Nonprofit Leader and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
The literature shows that leaders are expected to resolve conflict in efficient and effective ways. Conflict is an inevitable part of any workplace, and how conflict is addressed and resolved has larger implications for the organization. Leaders have the ability to shape their organization’s conflict culture. Thus, it is essential that these individuals are equipped to resolve conflict in a constructive manner, where the conflict brings a positive change to the organization and individuals involved.

My action research study implemented a three-part series of conflict resolution workshops and assessed the impact of the sessions on emerging leaders’ perspectives on conflict and confidence in resolving conflict in the workplace. Three key findings that emerged from my study were that participants demonstrated an increased understanding of conflict along with their role in conflict and conflict resolution, participants developed the skill set necessary to productively engage in and address conflict, and lastly, participants demonstrated a willingness to explore and engage in conflict.

When conflict is embraced and resolved effectively and with intentionality, opportunities for growth and advancement emerge. This study has significance for the nonprofit field by placing emphasis on emerging leaders who play a key role in filling future leadership gaps. In addition, with growing diversity and globalization, today’s workplaces need to be adaptable and receptive to innovative ways of addressing conflict.