Kai Tiede ’21 Accepted to Prestigious PPIA Program

Kala Tiede '21

Economics and public policy major Kai Tiede ’21 was recently accepted to the Public Policy and International Affairs Program (PPIA) Junior Summer Institute (JSI) program for summer 2020.

The program is known to be an academically rigorous institute in which the selected undergraduate juniors perform graduate level work. The opportunity is fully funded, and upon completion the students join an abundant alumni network that provides mentoring, connections, and financial support for their future graduate school endeavors.

Professor Marina Gorzig referred Tiede to the program about a year ago. Tiede says Professor Gorzig was very influential and helpful preparing them for the application process. In the past, Tiede did research with Professor Gorzig on the impact of gender and sexual orientation in job applications during St. Kate's 2019 Summer Scholars program.

The selection committee looks for young future leaders who are committed to pursuing a master’s degree and professional career associated with public service. Students must also show interest and dedication to contributing to the diversity of perspectives within the program, as well as demonstrating involvement in working to improve historically underserved communities in the United States.

Kai is excited for this introduction to graduate programs and the opportunity to see connections between what they have learned in the curriculum at St. Kate's and in this program. After completing this program and their St. Kate’s education, Tiede is excited to work with policy analytics and impact evaluation—especially regarding mental health treatment, insurance, and legislation.

Tiede emphasizes the need for all voices to heard in the public sector and the need for intersectional thought to begin solving modern, diverse problems.

“By being part of this program, I will be able create the connections and resources I need to reach out to those underrepresented in the public sector. These people already have a voice. We just need to give them the platform to be able to share that voice and create the diverse momentum and changes we need in the public sector.”

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