Guest Student Blogger Kayla Finley: Push Your Comfort Zone: Lobby A Legislator

Lobbying for Social Justice

Are you a St. Kate’s student who is always looking for ways to contribute to your community and build your résumé? Lobbying a legislator is a great way to make your voice heard, and to gain real-world experience. Does the idea of lobbying a legislator intrigue, and scare you at the same time? I am a communication studies student who had the opportunity to lobby my legislator on a local issue. The issue I lobbied about was providing better resources to homeless youths in Minnesota. Social justice for homeless youths was introduced to me by community partners in my Introduction to Communication: Women and Social Change class. Because of the resources offered by Community Work and Learning, I was able to have a successful lobbying experience.

Going to the Capitol and meeting with my legislative representative seemed a daunting task at first, but ultimately paid off. I was happy to have been pushed outside of my comfort zone.

"Introduction to Communication: Women and Social Change" Class Visits MN Capitol

Asking my legislator to vote on an issue I cared about as a constituent was very rewarding. In addition, this experience has provided me with impressive talking points for job interviews. I am passionate about being involved in my local government and would like to pursue a job that relates to community engagement after graduation. Having lobbying experience under my belt has helped me to feel like a valued constituent, and take further steps towards achieving my career goals. I strongly encourage you to recruit the help of Community Work and Learning, and to get out there and lobby your legislator. If I can do it, so can you.

Happy lobbying!

Kayla Finley, written for St. Kate's COMM 3200 class