Craig Johnson garners critical acclaim in Gremlin Theater's "The Father"

Craig Johnson garners critical acclaim in Gremlin Theater's "The Father"; Photo courtsey of Twin Cities Arts Reader

St. Kate's theater instructor Craig Johnson in The Father, staged by Gremlin Theater. Photo by Alyssa Kristine, courtesy of Twin Cities Arts Reader.

"Not for the first time, Johnson blows us away."


Craig Johnson's turn as Andre, the titular character in The Father, was met with accolades in publications all over the Twin Cities. Staged by Gremlin Theater during the month of January, Florian Zeller's play plunges its audience into the mind of an aging man with dementia and his loving but fraught relationships with family.

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“I didn’t even know I could tap-dance,” Johnson’s Andre says with guileless delight, a sad/sweet peak in a beautifully modulated performance that builds in increments to the finale we know must be coming, given Andre’s vicious disease.

— The Star Tribune, "Well-acted St. Paul play finds farce and tragedy in memory disorder" by Chris Hewitt


Craig Johnson is on stage almost without break. It's a demanding role, and he is up to the challenges it presents without prettifying the character's decline. ... His ability to suggest a distinctive personality rather than a type helps keep the play away from didacticism. And he is believable as he inhabits the emotionally overwrought moments of his worsening condition., "BWW Review: Gremlin Theatre's THE FATHER is a Spare, Disorienting, Moving Journey through Dementia"  by Karen Bovard


Johnson gives us glimpses of his former charm, joie de vivre and way with the ladies. ... Not for the first time, Johnson blows us away.

— MinnPost, "Everything comes together in Gremlin’s ‘The Father’" by Pamela Espeland


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