Brad Baso: An Unconventional MAOL Journey

Becoming a Better Leader

When asked about his experience in the St. Kate’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program, Brad Baso immediately answered that his was “not the typical student path.” Brad enrolled in MAOL in 2004 knowing he wanted to focus on people and build his leadership skills, but a career change led him to move away from Minnesota. Over the next ten years, Brad built a successful career leading change in organizations, but there was something nagging at him. Eventually, he realized it was time to return to the MAOL program: “I missed the environment, I missed the learning, I missed the self-reflection, and frankly, I just wanted to finish.”

Committing to Finish

Although there were more logistical challenges to completing his master’s degree in Minnesota while living in Atlanta, Brad never missed a single class. Every other weekend, Brad would catch a flight to make it to class on Saturday morning. Despite the challenges, he appreciated the in-class experience and the presence of others who were going through a similar journey. Brad found that so much of the program’s value was the support from fellow students and the opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives.

Brad also praised the faculty and coursework of the program and said that they have equipped him to be a better leader. He explained, “Just like anything, leadership is a skill that can be developed. It feels so fuzzy, like something you can’t put your finger on. The MAOL program does a good job of helping break leadership down into something we can understand and take action against.”

Sharing His Skills

For Brad, December 2018 was a pivotal point professionally and personally as it marked his graduation from the MAOL program and a career change. During his coursework, Brad found he had skill and passion for helping lead others through change. He is now partnering with organizations to help them manage change in a productive way—something he wouldn’t have had the skills, self-knowledge, or courage to do before his MAOL experience.