Apprehension and Excitement about Starting an MBA Program

Meet one of St. Kate’s incoming students and learn more about what she’s looking forward to this fall.

Alyssa Favilla joins the St. Kate’s MBA program this fall. She is excited to register for classes and will be attending orientation in three weeks where she will meet her cohort and begin a journey that will accelerate her career. Alyssa recently told us, “Starting the MBA program was an easy choice. The program allows me to gain a competitive edge in my workplace in under three years.” In fact, students typically complete St. Kate’s program in about 2 years (27 months) and they tell us the time goes by in a blink.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience, Alyssa experienced a disconnect between her undergraduate field of study and the type of job she envisioned for herself. After working for Pace Analytical, a nationally recognized organization that conducts environmental testing for governmental organizations and private industry, Alyssa found herself gravitating toward the business side of her work. She enjoyed this aspect of the job and says, “I found myself asking questions and reaching for more responsibility. This is what fueled my search to go back to school.”

Alyssa investigated her options in the local area. Attending a program that met face-to-face fit her needs. She sought out a curriculum that seemed less theoretical and more practical because she wanted to “continue to work full time and be able to apply what [I learn] back to the real work right away. The personal growth I will gain from my MBA will open doors and that is truly immeasurable.” Data confirms Alyssa’s assumptions. According to the Forte Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving women access to educational opportunities to advance their careers, 85% of women MBAs say their degree had an impact on their career growth. Check out this infographic for awe-inspiring data on the value of the MBA for women.

With the fall semester only a month away, most incoming students feel a little apprehensive about their first class. Understandably so. At the same time, the thrill of what lies ahead feels equally compelling. In a recent email to our program director, Alyssa speaks for all our new students: “I can’t wait to start this challenging and exciting journey with the St. Kate’s MBA.” For our part, we’re equally delighted to have Alyssa and the other members of her cohort join us the September. Let the journey begin.

Written by Diane Fittipaldi, MBA Professor

“I consider myself a recovering ad exec. I’m a scholar. A researcher. A professor. I believe personal stories inspire change. I spend my time investigating issues of age and gender equality in the workplace, hoping to discover structural solutions to systemic problems. I enjoy my home at St. Kate’s – an organization on that wholeheartedly supports me in these endeavors giving me a platform to affect change.”