Amy Hamlin featured in Art Journal Open

Amy K. Hamlin, Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty: Decentered, 11-13-16, 2016, digital photograph.

Amy K. Hamlin, Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty: Decentered, 11-13-16, 2016, digital photograph.

"We must ask better questions by claiming a culture of inquiry over mastery ... Such thinkers as Paulo Freire, bell hooks, and Jacques Rancière tell us that education in a culture of mastery risks perpetuating intersecting systems of oppression that are as internalized as they are antithetical to authentic learning. Ultimately, we must practice not knowing, and learning with — rather than teaching to — our students in order to create the possibility of a future that is different from the present."

Amy Hamlin, “Beyond Survival in Art and Art History: Fifteen Futures Already Alive” 

In June 2018, associate professor of studio art and art history Amy Hamlin was published in collaborative art forum Art Journal Open. Hamlin's piece was selected as the kick-off to the journal's series "Beyond Survival," which was "an open call for reflections on the state of public funding for the arts and humanities."

In “Beyond Survival in Art and Art History: Fifteen Futures Already Alive," Hamlin provides "propositions ... for thinking otherwise." Her fifteen propositions — described by herself as an "imaginary syllabus" — challenge the us to imagine a radicalized, inquisitive education, in art history and otherwise.

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