Allison Adrian on her "Fulbright family" and Ecuadorian community

Photos courtesy of Allison Adrian

Photos courtesy of Allison Adrian

"The best part of having a Fulbright experience with my family is the way it has enhanced our community and deepened our connection with Ecuadorians ... [It] has exponentially expanded our community at the same time that it has deepened our roots in our beloved homeland of Minnesota."

— Allison Adrian, "Adaptability and the Unexpected: Making Ecuador Home for a Fulbright Family"

Allison Adrian, associate professor of music and women's studies, has been published on the Fulbright Scholar Program blog. A 2015-16 Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar, she and her family relocated to Cuenca, Ecuador for the period of her research grant.

In her article, Adrian discusses her family's transition to Ecuadorian life, the community they became a part of, and the "devastating" earthquake that rocked the country in April 2016. Community efforts appeared from near and far, both in Cuenca and from their hometown. Her family helped her children's Minnesotan school, Meadowbrook Elementary, start a donation campaign for those affected by the earthquake.


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