2017 Global Studies photo contest winners announced

The Office of Global Studies has announced the winners of the 2017 study abroad photo contest!

Each year, Katies are invited to submit photos they took during their study abroad from the previous 12 months. There are two categories in which they may enter photos: "Cultural Connections" and "Katies Abroad."

Below, see the descriptions accompanying the students' photos.

Cultural Connections

Laura Bush, "All shall be equal before the law"
1st place: Laura Bush, "All shall be equal before the law"

South Africa — J-Term 2017
"A street mural in Capetown, South Africa. 'All shall be equal before the law' is a commendable saying, but chain link fences and barbed wire still separate many."

Shelby DuPont, "Puto"
2nd place: Shelby DuPont, "Puto"

Iringa, Tanzania – Fall 2016
"'Puto' is the Swahili word for balloon. The day I took this picture, we were holding an event for World AIDS Day. There was a huge soccer game occurring, and everybody was watching but these kids. I found them blowing up the balloons we passed out over by the road of eucalyptus trees. They saw I was taking pictures of the tree giants planted by missionaries in the 60s, and curiously asked if I would take a picture of them. I gladly snapped away, and then handed them more balloons."

Katies Abroad

Elizabeth Hermodson-Olsen, "A Morning Hike"
1st place: Elizabeth Hermodson-Olsen, "A Morning Hike"

Guatemala — J-Term 2017
"Most of my GSJ class took a morning hike up one of Guatemala's three active volcanoes: Volcano Pacaya. During one of our rests, we were able to look out at another one of Guatemala's volcanoes. The beauty of the country can certainly be breathtaking."

Shelby DuPont, "You Smile, I Smile"
Shelby DuPont, "You Smile, I Smile"

Iringa, Tanzania — Fall 2016
"This picture is of me and my homestay-sister, Vivi (short for Vivian). She and I grew very close over my month in her village, and we were joint at the hip — quite literally in this photo. When it came time for us to take a picture together, she wouldn't smile with her teeth. I kept trying to get her to laugh, and without success, I gave up and mimicked her close-mouthed smile. Vivi's actual smile is very bright and giggly, and I miss it so much."

People's Choice Award

Hayley Manley, "Crossing Together"
Hayley Manley, "Crossing Together"

Gaborone, Botswana — Spring 2016
"While visiting Zambia, I did not only get the chance to see the amazing Victoria Falls, but I was also able to swim on top in the Angel's Pool. To reach the small swimming hole on top of the waterfall, we had to walk across the river together forming a chain to make sure everyone remained standing! This was one of the most exciting, and scary, things I got to do during my semester in Botswana!"

Honorable Mention

Elizabeth Hermodson-Olsen, "Homemade Meals"
Elizabeth Hermodson-Olsen, "Homemade Meals"

Guatemala — J-Term 2017
"A common household item is a basket with colorful cloth that is used to keep the fresh tortillas warm. There was always a basket full of tortillas ready for every meal. The colors of Guatemala are beautiful and the fresh tortillas were continually a welcomed taste."