2019-20 at The O'Shaughnessy promises to challenge and charm

LA Theatre Works' SEVEN (left) and Maureen Fleming's Wildflower (right)

L.A. Theatre Works' SEVEN (left) and Maureen Fleming's Wildflower: A Feminine Genesis (right) both take The O'Shaughnessy stage this year as part of the Women of Substance series.

The 2019–20 season at the O’Shaughnessy

From music to comedy, dance to book signings, The O’Shaughnessy offers something for everyone in its 2019–20 season. One of the Twin Cities’ preeminent performing arts venues, the The O’Shaughnessy partners with artists and organizations to offer works of significance each year in The O’Shaughnessy Presents series.

The O'Shaughnessy 2019–20 full season listing

This year, the St. Kate’s Department of Theater presents two very different delights for the University community, both on the stage of the Frey Theater — Doubt: A Parable in October and You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown in April.

Doubt: A Parable

Teresa Lyons Hegdahl, chair of the Theater Department, lauds the “stellar cast and highly-skilled production team” already at work preparing Doubt, the Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning play by John Patrick Shanley.

The not-to-be-missed spring production of Charlie Brown provides a warm, optimistic counterbalance to the powerfully incisive Doubt.

“In this era where we can feel surrounded by cynicism and a loss of hope,” says Hegdahl, “Charlie Brown reminds us of the merit of joy,” with humor for adults and children alike. The production run will feature performances at an elementary school and the Ridgedale Library, hosted by St. Kate's alumni from the West and Northwest Metro chapters.

Women of Substance series

A seminal series at The O’Shaughnessy since its inception in 1996, Women of Substance — part of The O’Shaughnessy Presents series — showcases women’s ideas, amplifies their voices, and honors their places on life’s stage. The series hosts local, national, and international artists.

“The women artists, thinkers, and change-makers who take the stage at The O’Shaughnessy challenge the status quo, drive us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves, and spur our own sense of purpose and action,” said Ross Willits, Deputy Director at The O’Shaughnessy.

Ananya Dance Theatre, a frequent presence on The O’Shaughnessy stage for many years, returned this month with Sutrajaal: Revelations of Gossamer, a Woman of Substance event.

Sutrajaal unearths repression and oppression experienced by women around the globe,” Willits says. “This dovetails seamlessly with the founding values of St. Kate’s — the quest for social justice — which are beautifully embodied in Ananya Chatterjea’s work.”

Other productions in the Substance series: 

Wildflowers, A Feminine Genesis, choreographed and performed by creator Maureen Fleming. In her work, the movement artist celebrates the feminine archetype and draws inspiration from the poetry of William Butler Yeats.

L.A. Theatre Works’ SEVEN documents the stories of seven remarkable women who persevered to bring heroic change to each of their home countries. 

Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca will bring Antigona, a flamenco adaptation of the classic Greek tragedy — Sophocles’ Antigone — to the stage.


More information

Discounts are available for students, seniors, St. Kate’s community, MPR, TPT, and military members. For more information and tickets, contact The O’Shaughnessy Ticket Office at 651-690-6700 from 12–5 p.m. Monday–Saturday. The Ticket Office is located on the main campus of St. Catherine University at 2004 Randolph Ave., St. Paul. Tickets can also be purchased online at https://oshag.stkate.edu/.