Sharon Doherty talks Lynx and community in Star Tribune

Sharon Doherty

Professor Sharon Doherty's commentary reflects on what can happen when a diverse group of individuals come together "to think and act in the common good."

"I was thinking about why this short conversation made me so happy, in the midst of a world and a country in trouble ... I don't know what the guy on the bike is thinking about, beyond the joy of following an exciting team and the good sense to wear a shirt with the name of an unselfish basketball star. He and I might not agree about solutions to the problems facing the world. But we have that cultural connection, which offers a chance for hope."

— Sharon Doherty, "Amid our troubles, the Lynx are a welcome joy, on and off the court"

Professor Sharon Doherty wrote a commentary published in today's Star Tribune. In "Amid our troubles, the Lynx are a welcome joy, on and off the court," Doherty reflects on a spontaneous conversation, which started solely from the fact that she recognized the team and player on a cyclist's T-shirt. She writes about how a shared piece of culture, like the Minnesota Lynx, can enhance a sense of community. "The Lynx are modeling for all of us what can happen when people who are different from each other come together in positive ways," she says in the article.

Sharon Doherty is director of the Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women, as well as professor and program director for Women's Studies at St. Kate's. The Center for Women provides research, resources and scholarships, building a community of faculty and student scholars and activists of various communities to work toward women's justice and equality.

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