Seven faculty receive tenure

2018 tenured faculty

​Seven St. Catherine University faculty members recently received tenure as a result of their contributions to the University and respective fields.

“St. Catherine University is honored to welcome these seven individuals into our tenured faculty, and I join many others in congratulating them on this achievement,” says Alan Silva, executive vice president and provost. “They bring so much to the St. Kate’s community, and their individual areas of expertise and their accomplishments speak for themselves. It is because of them that St. Kate’s students and graduates are prepared to lead ethically and effectively.”

Tenure and promotion are major milestones in a faculty career. They indicate long, intense years of research, scholarship and creative work, with numerous publications and presentations; teaching courses, and advising and mentoring students; and serving the institution in a variety of ways.

The following individuals have earned this distinction based on their exceptional efforts both in and out of the classroom. In addition to their course offerings, they have distinguished themselves through their scholarly efforts, including:

Dr. Kristine West – Economics

Identifying four areas of scholarship – including discovery, integration, application and teaching – as integral to her work, Dr. West has published three peer-reviewed papers, secured two external grants for research with students, and presented 17 papers at regional and national conferences. She works with the Minnesota Economics Association and serves as faculty advisor for the Econ Club and Omicron Delta Epsilon economics honor society. In addition, she has participated on six faculty search committees and organized the department’s self-assessment and reporting for accreditation. Dr. West has also developed two new courses for the University to accompany ongoing offerings.

Dr. Joshua Guggenheimer – Nutrition and Exercise Science

Focusing his research on exercise physiology, Dr. Guggenheimer studies motor control with an emphasis on changes experienced by elders. He is co-primary investigator on a $1.7 million grant submission for a proposal to the National Institute on Aging – a joint submission from the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health and the School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences. Dr. Guggenheimer is the program director for Exercise and Sports Science, serves on the DPT Admissions Committee and works to revise current programming. He also serves as director of the WHIR Center, is involved in Summer Scholars activities, has submitted a peer-reviewed paper, has multiple manuscripts in review or preparation, has presented at 15 conferences and has eight funded grants (four since arriving at St. Kate’s).

Dr. Kim Ha – Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Ha’s research centers on the role of structural dynamics in the mechanism of action in proteins, and she has received funding and awards from multiple internal sources to support her efforts. Since coming to St. Kate’s, she has co-authored two peer-reviewed articles and submitted a manuscript to Nature Scientific Reports. In addition, she has submitted four collaborative research proposals. Dr. Ha has been a member and membership coordinator for the Mercury chapter of Iota Sigma Pi, a national honors society for female chemists, and was elected to serve on the National Biophysical Society’s Committee for Inclusion and Diversity.

Dr. Kelly Gage – Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Specializing in AfroBrazilian slave dress, Dr. Gage has presented at several conferences and is an active scholar. Her articles have been published in a variety of journals, including Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture and Fashion Practice, and within the book Dress and Empowerment. She currently chairs the School and Business and Professional Studies Committee, is on the Internationalization Committee, serves as the Department Assessment Lead and curates the History of Dress collection at St. Kate’s.

Dr. Mary Hearst – Public Health

Dr. Hearst currently serves as the program director for the Public Health Department and does research focused on the intersection of health and education disparities and community and family-based childhood obesity interventions – particularly in low-income, multi-ethnic communities. She has published 55 peer-reviewed publications, presented at 40 national and international peer-reviewed conferences, and acquired 11 research grants –
including $1.4 million in funding that she’s currently managing. A member of the SPOON Foundation Advisory Board and the Conference Organizing Committee for the Minnesota Public Health Foundation, Dr. Hearst participates in Minnesota Public Health Association conferences and serves as a peer-reviewer for multiple journals.

Dr. Lisa Martin – Nursing

With expertise in public heath nursing, holistic/multicultural health care, nursing theory and nursing research, Dr. Martin focuses her work on public health nursing education. Her efforts have addressed social determinants of health – specifically Native American healthcare disparities and interventions – and she is the primary investigator of an ongoing study involving Native American adolescents. She maintains professional memberships with the American Public Health Association, Sigma Global Nursing Excellence, National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurses Association and The Society for Rogerian Scholars, and has served as president-elect and president of The National Alaskan Native American Indian Nursing Association. Dr. Martin has also submitted three publications to peer-reviewed journals and two internal grant applications.

Dr. Catherine Kelly – Education
Co-president of the Minnesota Academy of Reading and secretary of the Minnesota Reading Association Executive Board, Dr. Kelly has had two papers accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Education and the National Teacher Education Journal. She is the recipient of many professional grants and awards, and has presented numerous times at the Literacy Research Association, American Educational Research Association, National Reading Conference, Minnesota Association of Colleges Teacher Education conferences and Hamline Literacy Conference.