KATIE 101: How to stay up-to-date

Katie 101

Welcome to KATIE 101, the preliminary seminar that shows you three great sources for what's happenin' in the St. Kate's community. Whether you're an incoming freshman or an alum checking in, we'll help you stay abreast of news, information, and pictures of baby dogs wearing St. Kate's gear.

You already know about St. Kate's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — but did you know that there are even more places you can look to keep up? Check out these three information hubs:



Always fresh off the press, the Newswire offers great information and stories about people in the St. Kate's community — faculty, staff, alumnae, and, of course, fellow students.

Found where?
Near the bottom of the St. Kate's homepage, www.skate.edu.


Events calendar

Grab info about what's going on around campus and explore other exciting events. The events calendar features a real who's who of St. Kate's guests, groups, and departments!

Found where?
Near the bottom of the St. Kate's homepage, www.stkate.edu.

Social Media


Handle: @st.kates


Handle: @stkate


Handle: @stkates