This fall at The Gallery: oil painting and apparel design

2017 September Gallery exhibitions

At left, Lizzie Wortham's "Babysitter" (2016, oil on canvas). At right, Anupama Pasricha's "Vinyasa" (organic denim and silk on Apoorva Pasricha; photo by BobbiLe N'diaye).

2017 Fall Exhibition Season

The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery will open its fall exhibition season with simultaneous shows running September 9–October 20 by two Minnesota artists.

In Like A Girl, Lizzie Wortham uses a variety of painting techniques to create abstracted representations of girlhood. “The photos I use may be everyday scenarios,” Wortham says in her artist statement, “but they change when painted into the memories of the viewer, constantly creating new performative definitions of girl-ness.”

“Lizzie's paintings of girlhood reveal the complexities of adolescence,” says Gallery Director Nicole Watson. “Her images are nostalgic and a little mysterious, appropriately conveying the strange time between being an adult and being a child.”

While an exhibition showcasing a medium such as oil paint could be expected given the venue, the second exhibit at The Gallery might be considered more novel: apparel design.

Anupama Pasricha, Chair of the St. Kate's Apparel, Merchandising and Design Department, designed a collection of contemporary fashions grounded in sustainability. “Her creative process — and her hand-made fashion designs — reflect the mind of a fine artist,” Watson notes. Pasricha’s exhibition, Vinyasa, connects global textiles and sustainable design.

You may recognize the Sanskrit word “Vinyasa,” known in yoga as a sequence that focuses on the flow of conscious, thoughtful movement to experience an awakening. Born in New Delhi, India, Pasricha has lived in the U.S. for 16 years. She traveled back to India to hand-pick materials recyclable by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

“I researched economic, political, social, technological, and cultural aspects of contemporary fashion,” she explains in her artist statement. “My fashion designs are created to empower women who not only value individuality, diversity and well-being, but also the environment.”

An opening reception for both exhibitions will be held September 9 from 6–8 p.m.

Exhibition events

All events are free and open to the public.

Coming this November

Opening November 4 are Leslie Barlow’s Space Between Us and Melissa Loop’s After The End. Visit The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery website for more information regarding all Gallery events and exhibitions.