Campus Safety Update re: Arson Incident

Rose Window

There have been several news reports recently regarding former student Tnuza Hassan. These accounts are a result of a court filing last Friday by Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Winter and an arraignment hearing yesterday. These reports provided details from a memo in the filing about Hassan's travels and activities, including that she allegedly may have “hid out on the campus of St. Catherine University before she resurfaced” on January 17. Winter requested that she remain in custody, which a federal judge approved at her arraignment yesterday.

We know from conversations with authorities that they have no evidence anyone else at St. Kate’s is involved, nor is there a current threat to public safety. However, we are concerned about the possibility that Hassan may have hidden on campus. As such, the University has secured external assistance to collect an accurate, unbiased assessment of our safety procedures. This assessment will be used to inform any procedural changes or updates that may be needed.

"We understand this is a challenging situation for our community, and appreciate your continued support as we work through this situation as it unfolds," said President Becky Roloff. "We are extremely grateful for the quick and thorough response of law enforcement officials, Residence Life, and our Public Safety team to ensure our campuses and our community are safe."