Health Insurance

2022-2023 Health Insurance Information

St. Catherine University requires and provides health insurance for the students in the College for Women, OTA Online, and the College for Adults bachelor's and associate programs that are enrolled in 8 or more credits. The University does not provide insurance options for graduate students.

College for Women, College for Adults—Associate, Bachelor's, and OTA Students

St. Catherine University requires that all degree-seeking students enrolled in the College for Women, OTA Online, and College for Adults associate and bachelor's students that are enrolled in 8 or more credits be covered by health insurance.

New Billing Process for Health Insurance

Eligible students are automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan unless they waive coverage. Approved waivers are valid for one policy year (8/15-8/14). If students do not waive the Student Health Insurance Plan by the established deadline, they will be enrolled and billed the associated premium on their student account. Please note the change in billing: charges will only be placed on student accounts that have not waived by the deadline, or have chosen to enroll. There will no longer be charges placed on all accounts, with credits placed for waiving to offset those charges.

This is an annual plan. Students who have not waived out by their initial deadline will remain enrolled for the entire coverage period, including students that graduate, or leave the University, and will be financially responsible for the full premium amount.

Students with the University Sponsored Health Insurance through UHC can be seen at the Health and Wellness Clinic for all covered expenses at no cost.


UHC insurance plan

Waive (cancel) or enroll

Health Insurance Waiver Instructions

University Insurance Specialist: 

United HealthCare Customer Service:


Need to access your ID cards?

Please visit 24-48 hours after enrolling to create your online account and access your ID cards and other important information.

Important Plan Information

Please note: Your student account will only be billed at the close of the waiver period if you have not completed an approved waiver, or you have chosen to enroll. Any student that has an approved waiver on file by their designated deadline will not be billed for health insurance.

Fall (CFW, CFA) 7/1/22-9/11/22
Fall OTA 7/1/22-9/1/22
Winter OTA (New Incoming) 12/1/22-1/11/23
Spring (New Incoming CFW, CFA) 12/1/22-2/5/23
Summer (New Incoming OTA only) 4/1/23-5/14/23

Annual 8/15/22-8/14/23
Winter OTA 1/1/23-8/14/23
Spring 1/1/23-8/14/23
Summer 5/1/23-8/14/23


NOTE: The rates quoted are applicable to the plan design quoted and have been filed with the State for approval. Until the State provides final approval, these rates may not be posted publicly or offered for solicitation of insurance. UnitedHealthcare reserves the right to adjust the rates and/or fees (i) in the event of any changes in federal, state or other applicable legislation or regulation; (ii) in the event of any changes in Plan design required by the applicable regulatory authority (i.e. mandated benefits) or by the Policyholder; and (iii) as otherwise permitted in our policy.

Annual $2,652
Winter OTA $1,622
Spring $1,622
Summer OTA $774


Graduate Students in the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health

Graduate students in the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health must hold health insurance for clinical purposes. The process for proof of insurance will be administered by individual graduate program directors. The University does not provide insurance options for graduate students. Graduate students in the School of Health who need health insurance are encouraged to apply for coverage through MNsure.