Individual Donors 2018–2019


Anonymous Donor


Irene C. Bossenmaier ’48 †
Rose Oedbauer Gustafson ’43 †
Kathleen Westby Kasprick ’91 and Lyle C. Kasprick
Lawrence M. O’Shaughnessy †
Teresa Rolling Radzinski ’86 and Michael Radzinski


Anonymous Donor
Mary Sands Landis ’51 †
S. Anne McAlpin Lohmann ’63 and John G. Lohmann, Jr.
Susan Schmid Morrison ’60 and John M. Morrison
Jane Nicolai ’56 †
Judith Dalgish McCartin Sheide ’59
Mary Rogers Sluka ’66 and Peter E. Sluka
Sunny Bach Wicka ’55
Brenda Grandstrand Woodson ’80 and Wade Woodson


Anonymous Donor
Nancy JP Anderson ’01, MAT’17
Sally Thornton Conroy ’41 †
CSJ Trustees
Margaret Arola Ford ’82 and David Ford
Joy Bergeron Hammer ’52
Margaret Conzemius Judge ’68 and Paul S. Judge
Susan Lohmann Kellerman ’64
Paul G. Malamen and Barbara M. Malamen
Lawrence J. McGough
Kathleen McNamara Mucha ’66 and Joseph R. Mucha
Mary E. Reuder ’44 †
Lois Gross Rogers ’63 and John E. Rogers
Patricia Bohen Rowley ’66 and Stephen J. Rowley
Eraine Ste
Marie Schmit ’46
Luella Cardinal Simon †
Bill Stenger
Patricia Bluml Timmons ’63 and Lawrence Michael Timmons
Penelope Savino Tropman ’61 and John E. Tropman
Carolyn Self Wollan ’91 and Robert E. Wollan


Anonymous Donors
Anonymous 1959 Graduate
Pamela Stegora Axberg ’85 and Joseph E. Axberg
Mary Hurrle Bennett ’78 and Bryan D. Bennett
Cornelius Borman and Catherine Borman
M. Kathryn Clubb ’79 and Linda M. Reid
Sheila Corcoran-Perry ’59
Janine Kelble Dodson ’86 and Robert Dodson
Janet M. Dolan ’71 and William G. Moore
Susan Wollan Fan ’84 and Albert Wollan Fan
Douglas F. Fiola and Janet S. Fiola
Kathleen McTie Friedrich ’66 and Joseph M. Friedrich
Caroline L. Gunther ’04
Ruth Blong Haggerty ’63 and Daniel J. Haggerty
Anne Dolan Kelly ’43 †
The Family of Rosemary Balk Lovett ’45 †
Mary E. Lund and John E. Lund
Virginia Claessens McDonald ’57 and William J. McDonald
Susan McGuire and Thomas McGuire
Anne W. Miller ’63
Theresa Fogarty Murray ’74
Nancy Parlin ’56
ReBecca Koenig Roloff ’76 and Mark H. Roloff, MAT’88
Frankie Gill Saxton ’57 and James L. Saxton
Susan T. Schmid
Shannon M. Schottler ’08 and Nathaniel Hasty
Patricia Shea ’51
Alfred E. Smith
Allison Kehle Sriver ’97 and Joseph Sriver
Kristi Waite and Lawrence Waite
Mary Louise Kueppers Wheeler ’50
Valerie Johnson Young ’84 and Jack W. Young, Jr.


Anonymous Donors
Dr. M. George Allen and Gloria V. Allen
Marilyn Branchaud Beddor ’55
Ellen Bendel-Stenzel ’88 and Michael Bendel-Stenzel
Donald B. Borman
M. Catherine Molyneaux Brain ’80 and David M. Brain
Robert S. Brazelton
Ellen M. Coffey ’77
Catherine Davies ’77 and Lawrence R. Johnson
Charles M. Denny, Jr.
Linda M. Funk ’81
Margaret Coleman Gadient ’69 and Stephen E. Gadient
Margaret Borman Gaines ’96
Kathleen McGraw Gretsch ’58 and Gerald A. Gretsch
Theresa Villers Griep ’63 and John G. Griep
Michael A. Hickey and Kristeen K. Hickey
Stephen D. Hinze and Margaret A. Donohue
Eloise M. Jasken ’87
Elizabeth Stewart Kelly ’69 and John D. Kelly
Jeanette Buczynski Kissinger ’53
Mary Becker Kostner ’58
Donna M. Krzmarzick ’62
Gini McCain and John McCain
Corrine H. McCarthy ’51
Kimberly R. McDonald ’09 and Daniel W. McDonald
Donna B. McNamara, PhD ’68
Mary Virginia Micka, CSJ, ’43 †
Christine Webster Moore and Thomas O. Moore
Mary M. Nicol ’76
Kathleen O’Brien ’67
Lorraine F. O’Connor
Patrick J. O’Connor, MAT’11 and Kerin McTeigue O’Connor
Margaret R. Otte ’81
Doris Thaemlitz Peters ’53
Mary Ann Goodman Reilly ’61 and R. William Reilly
Angela Miller Riley ’84 and David Ennis
Stephen W. Roszell and Cynthia A. Roszell
Paula A. Ruhland ’75
Lisa E. Schaper ’85
Kathleen Brandes Shearon ’60
DeAnne Boetl Sherman ’67 and Dudley M. Sherman
Jean McIlquham Stalcup ’72
Minda M. Suchan ’95
Judi Druke Teske ’66
Jacquelyn Mammen Thomas ’03
Mary McGrath Tonkin ’71 and Simon Pediel Tonkin
Helen M. Wagner ’69
Janice Buckley Walsh ’57
Deb Wilfong and Chris Lienert