Scholarships and Planned Gifts

New Scholarships and Designated Funds

Sandra Kamman Butler Endowed Scholarship, Donor: Peter K. Butler
Diana DiSalvatore Nursing Scholarship, Donors: Melissa Peterman, Friends, Family and Others Who Loved Her
Mary Jo Leatherdale Emfield Global Health Fund, Donor: Mary Jo Leatherdale Emfield, MPAS’15
Dr. M.C. and Winnifred Donnelly Flaten Endowed Scholarship, Donor: Marcella Flaten Wartman ‘49
Jane Frank and Jean Frank Marquette Class of 1964 Nursing and Gerontology Endowed Scholarship, Donor: Jane H. Frank '64, Donor: Jean Frank Marquette '64
Kathleen McTie Friedrich Scholarship , Donors: Kathleen McTie Friedrich ’59 and Joseph Friedrich
Azela Gohl-Giese and Wallace Giese Endowed Scholarship , Donor: Azela Gohl-Giese ‘59
Marylyn Dolan Joseph Endowed Award for Creative Writing, Donor: William T. Dolan
Kathleen Westby Kasprick ’91 and Lyle Kasprick Endowed Academic Scholarship, Donors: Kathleen Westby Kasprick ’91 and Lyle Kasprick
Donna Marie Krzmarzick Nursing Scholarship Fund, Donor: Donna M. Krzmarzick ‘62
Lauren Lund Scholarship, Donors: Mary Lund and John Lund
Lorraine and Bernard Morgan Endowed Scholarship, Donors: Patricia Morgan Block ’66 and Kenneth W. Block
Oedbauer Family Endowed Scholarship Fund, Donor: Rose Oedbauer Gustafson ’43 †
Nancy Green Ronhovde Endowed Scholarship , Donor: John Peter Ronhovde
Virginia C. Stoffel Occupational Therapy Leadership Award Endowment, Donors: Virginia Carroll Stoffel ’77 and Robert Stoffel
Penny Savino Tropman and John Tropman Endowed Scholarship , Donors: Penelope Savino Tropman ’61 and John E. Tropman
Helen M. Wagner Endowed Scholarship, Donor: Helen M. Wagner '69
Barbara Probst Wollan Endowed Nursing Scholarship, Donors: Wollan Family
Marjorie Wade Zenker Endowed Scholarship, Donor: Paula Zenker, Donor: Carl Zenker

Estate Gifts Received

Anonymous Donor
Irene C. Bossenmaier '48 †
Winifred Catherine Konzem Branson '48 †
Sally Thornton Conroy '41 †
Mary Lucas Dakan '47 †
Grace Mary Ederer '41 †
Marian Jauquet Finger '48 † and Robert A. Finger †
Margaret M. Fogarty '47 †
Anne Dolan Kelly '43 †
Ruth O'Donnell Nachtsheim '39 † and Henry G. Nachtsheim †
Valerie G. Rudolph '52 †
Margaret Claire McNevin Ruhme '48 †
Jo Anne Shekleton '50 †
Mary Jane Tauscheck '56 †
Mary Lee Whiting '54 †

Estate Gifts Committed

Donna M. Krzmarzick ‘62
Mary Sands Landis '51 †
Patrick J. O'Connor, MAT'11 and Kerin McTeigue O'Connor
ReBecca Koenig Roloff '76 and Mark H. Roloff, MAT'88
Robert A. Sackrison
Martha LaPlace Simms ‘57
Patricia Beuch Sommerstad '73 and Carl R. Sommerstad
Penny Donovan Stenger '63 † and Bill Stenger
Paula M. Zenker

Lifetime Gifts and Future Commitments $1,000,000+

Anonymous Donors (6)
Charles M. Denny, Jr. 
Harriet Hentges ’62 and Wayne Koonce 
Mary Sands Landis '51 † 
Lawrence J. McGough 
Susan Schmid Morrison '60 and John M. Morrison 
Patricia O'Connor Myser '56 
Lawrence O'Shaughnessy † and Bonnie O'Shaughnessy 
Teresa Rolling Radzinski '86 and Michael Radzinski 
Lois Gross Rogers '63 and John E. Rogers 
ReBecca Koenig Roloff '76 and Mark H. Roloff, MAT'88 
Penny Donovan Stenger '63 † and Bill Stenger 
Judi Druke Teske ’66