Nancy A. Heitzeg

Endowed Professor in the Sciences, Professor & Chair of Sociology, Co-Director of Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity

<div class="line" id="line-21">Dr. Nancy A. Heitzeg is a Professor of Sociology &amp; Co-Director of the Critical Studies of Race/Ethnicity Program. Professor Heitzeg writes &amp; presents widely on issues of race, class, gender, &amp; social control with attention to the school to prison pipeline &amp; the prison industrial complex.</div> <div class="line" id="line-124"><br></div> <div class="line" id="line-115">Professor Heitzeg is co- editor of an on-line series,&nbsp;<a href=""><s… style="color: rgb(73, 26, 106); background-color: transparent;">Criminal InJustice</span></a>, which is devoted to encouraging public education &amp; action on issues of mass incarceration.</div>
Women's Studies
Research Interest
Race, Class, Gender. Sexuality and Age and Social Control;
The Prison Industrial Complex;
Race and the Law