Study Abroad

The Office of Global Studies

Study abroad and let the world be your classroom.

Note on Study Abroad Travel

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, decisions regarding travel on study abroad programs will be made on a case-by-case basis. For information on a specific program, please contact the Office of Global Studies.

The Office of Global Studies will be operating fully remotely for the month of July.  Please contact us at with questions.  Please note that the office will be closed on Fridays.  If this is an emergency and you need to reach someone from Global Studies urgently, please call St. Kate's Public Safety at 651-690-8888.

Global Studies Mission

The Office of Global Studies advances the University’s mission to “educate women to lead and influence,” through academic opportunities to engage with global cultures, communities, and environments. 

Goals for accomplishing this mission:

  • Develop rigorous academic experiential programs in partnership with faculty that foster global learning through the liberal arts and professional education.
  • Deliver comprehensive service and support to students from pre-departure advising through re-entry. We focus on student intellectual and personal development with an emphasis on accessibility, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity. 
  • Drive and support campus-wide global learning initiatives to cultivate and enhance cultural fluency. Initiatives include a focus on curriculum integration and fostering collaborative partnerships. 

Whatever your major or degree program, St. Kate’s is committed to making global studies part of your education.