Student Accounts Policies


At the end of the 100 percent refund period, the full amount will be charged for course fees and student activity fees.

Refunds of Excess Financial Aid

Excess financial aid refunds are processed beginning 14 days after disbursement. Initial disbursement from the Financial Aid Office is usually completed on the first day of classes and continues throughout the semester. All refunds must be processed electronically by setting up an E-Refund account in KatePay. Checking or savings account information can be entered in KatePay with the account designated to receive refunds.

Students are encouraged to monitor their KatePay account online to verify a refund has been issued. If an Electronic Refund has been processed, the balance on your account will be zero and your recent activity will indicate, “Electronic Student Refund."

In the event that a refund check is printed and not received after being mailed, students must wait 3 weeks or a $35 stop payment/reissue fee charge will be assessed on the student account and could reduce the refund amount.

Any refund balance that results from using American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa will be credited directly to the credit card.


If a student withdraws from school, makes changes to their registration and/or room and board after receiving a refund, the student may be required to repay all or a portion of the refund amount back to St. Kate's. Repayment should be made immediately.

Federal Refund Policy

The "Return to Title IV Funds" policy applies to any student who receives federal Title IV funding and withdraws. The Return to Title IV funds formula determines the amount of Title IV funds a student has earned at the time the student ceases attendance, and the amount of Title IV funds a student must return. The amount of Title IV funds a student earns is a proportional calculation based on the amount of time the student attends school through the 60 percent of the term.

If a student ceases to attend school after 60 percent of the term, the student earns 100 percent of the Title IV funds. If an unofficial withdrawal is determined (all failing and/or non credit grades), the 50 percent date of the term is used as the last date of attendance to calculate refunds if the last date of attendance is unknown.

Non-Federal Refund Policy

Refunds for state aid programs and non-state aid programs are calculated on a proportional basis using the state mandated or institutional refund policy. To calculate the minimum refund due to the Minnesota State Grant Program (Minnesota Child Care and CSC Child Care Grants), the SELF Loan Program, and other aid programs (with the exception of the State Work Study Program), the MOHE Refund Calculation Worksheet is used. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for the complete policy.