Graduate Student Research Highlights

2020 Virtual Symposium to Celebrate Scholarship

This year, to comply with social distancing guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are combining our Celebrations of Undergraduate and Graduate Student Scholarship into a single virtual symposium.

This event celebrates the research and creative work of our students in the spirit of the St. Catherine value of Academic Excellence: We embrace a culture of learning that drives the students, faculty, and staff to discover, acquire, and apply knowledge. 

Thank you to this year’s dedicated students and faculty for “rolling up your sleeves” and sharing your incredible work with us.

Visit the Symposium and celebrate the scholarly accomplishments of our students.

If you have a email address, you will be able to ask questions and provide feedback on student work — to do so you just need to create an account. We encourage you to leave comments, keeping in mind our commitment to inclusion, respect, and intellectual honesty.

Thank you to ForagerOne for providing this platform free of charge to Council on Undergraduate Research member institutions and to Saundra Huntley for helping students format posters.