Apply for a Truman Award

St. Kate's Truman Scholar Andrea Duarte poses at the US Supreme Court during Summer Institute
About the Harry S. Truman Scholarship

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation provides merit-based scholarships to college students in their junior year. Candidates who plan to pursue careers in public service, such as in government, nonprofit or advocacy sectors, education or public health should apply. Truman Scholars receive up to $30,000 for graduate or professional school, participate in leadership development activities, and have special opportunities for internships and employment with the federal government.

1. Get Started

2. Commit to Applying

If you feel like Truman is the right opportunity for you, please complete a commitment to apply form by October 17. This will alert your advisor of your dedication to the process.

Filling out the form will also enroll you in a D2L course shell that will help connect you to resources, and keep track of deadlines. You’ll use D2L Dropbox to submit drafts of your application materials and invite your advisor to provide feedback.

3. Prepare Your Application

Use this Truman application process packet as a guide through the application process. It lists campus resources, faculty, staff, and alumni that can help you make important decisions about your application.

4. Final Submission

You did it! The internal deadline for your submission is the last Friday in January. You and your advisor will set a time to submit your materials together before the official deadline: the first Tuesday in February.

5. Finalist Campus Interview

You will be notified in the third week of February if you are selected as a Truman finalist. The Truman Foundation will invite you to a dinner and assign you a date and time to interview with other finalists from your state. Your advisor and other campus representatives will provide support in the form of a mock interview to prepare for this experience.

August–September 1) Determine eligibility
2) Develop knowledge of the Truman Scholarship, and gauge commitment level
3) Meet with St. Kate's Truman campus rep to determine fit.
October 17 Last day to complete the Truman Commitment to Apply form
October 20 1) Work with your fellowships advisor to gain access to the online application.
2) Begin work on application responses.
November 1 First draft of application materials submitted for review by St. Kate’s fellowships advisor
November 20 Determine 3 letter-writers and request their support:
1) Letter of recommendation re: Leadership Abilities and Potential
2) Letter of recommendation re: Commitment to a Career in Public Service
3) Letter of recommendation re: Intellect and Prospects for Continued Academic Success
November 20 Second draft of application materials submitted to fellowships advisor
December 15 Third draft of application materials submitted for review by St. Kate's fellowships committee
January 15 1) Feedback from campus committee integrated into application materials and sent to fellowships advisor
2) Make an appointment to submit your materials with your advisor by the end of January.