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Women and International Development

College for Women | School of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

Passionate about other cultures and fighting inequities? A St. Kate’s degree in women and international development will teach you how to build a just society for all and advocate for marginalized communities around the world, especially women and their families.

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Take 32 credits per year to finish your degree in four years.

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Grounded in Social Justice and Focused on Women's Leadership

The fight for a just society, here and worldwide, is ongoing. St. Kate’s degree in women and international development will immerse you in subjects like the distribution of wealth, issues of women and their families, and the effects of globalization — with the goal of producing leaders ready to build a society with equal rights for all.

Our curriculum at St. Kate’s emphasizes issues of justice and sustainability, women’s roles in communities and organizations, applied research, and women’s leadership in development.

You will learn to think critically in the context of globalization and to analyze ideas and policies skillfully. You'll also learn to work effectively with people across different social and economic backgrounds.

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With St. Kate’s women and international development degree, you’ll develop the skills and experience to follow career paths in many fields, including

  • foreign service
  • non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • foundations
  • private development initiatives
  • humanitarian relief organizations
  • U.S. Department of State or the federal departments of agriculture or commerce