Anupama Pasricha, PhD

Image of Dr. Anu Pasricha
Interim Dean

Anupama Pasricha, PhD is an accomplished educator, scholar, and leader who brings experience and expertise to the School of Business. With her agile mindset, commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and impressive leadership experience, Dr. Pasricha is dedicated to contributing to the continued success and growth of the School of Business.

With over 30 years of global teaching and research experience, including 12 years in India, Dr. Pasricha has developed a deep understanding of educational practices and cultural perspectives. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field have earned her recognition as an award-winning educator. As a collaborative and service-oriented leader, she believes in working with colleagues to achieve common goals.

Dr. Pasricha has been a part of the St. Catherine University community since 2005, and served as the Fashion Design and Merchandising Department Chair for 10 years. She has also served as an internship and study-abroad advisor, supporting students in gaining valuable real-world experiences. Beyond her work at St. Catherine University, Dr. Pasricha is a consultant on sustainability for two Minnesota-based companies, highlighting her practical expertise in the field. She also serves as an advisor to the Mindful Businesses Podcast, demonstrating her dedication to promoting sustainable practices and mindful leadership.

Dr. Pasricha's research interests revolve around sustainability, equity, and leadership. Her extensive publication record, which includes over 100 scholarly works such as journal articles, book chapters, reviews, and conference proceedings, showcase her commitment to advancing knowledge in these areas. Her sustainable design work has also been featured in prominent venues such as the Minnesota History Center, Textile Center of Minnesota, and Cathy G. Murphy Gallery.

Dr. Pasricha holds a Doctorate of Philosophy and a Master's in Education from Iowa State University in Ames. She also obtained a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science from Delhi University in India.