Facilities Services

Facilities Management is a full-service campus-wide department that provides many services including maintenance and utilities services, renovation and new construction planning, custodial, grounds, space management, move management, safety and compliance, and more.


Facilities Management is committed to ongoing accessibility improvements for our campus community. We have an established evaluation process for reviewing current accessibility and annual planning processes that support the proper fundraising, design and construction of accessible spaces on campus.

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Three custodial teams are responsible for providing a clean, safe, and inviting environment for our campus community. Our teams perform routine cleaning, event cleaning, trash services, snow removal, and perform minor maintenance tasks.

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Fire Life Safety

The Safety & Compliance team ensures fire safety across campus, in our buildings, and on our grounds. 

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There are dozens of vehicles in the University's fleet, including large passenger vans and minivans for athletics and general community use, patrol vehicles for the Department of Public Safety, and a wide array of trucks and utility vehicles used by Facilities’ Custodial, Grounds, and Trades teams. Maintenance is performed by Facilities, authorization for use of the vehicles is handled by Human Resources, and the Department of Public Safety oversees vehicle checkouts.

Grounds Services

The Facilities Grounds crew is responsible for maintaining almost 80 acres of beautiful green space, specialty gardens, urban woodland and wetland areas, as well as the parking lots and sidewalks that shape our transportation on campus. They mow, trim, prune, plant, and water our green spaces as well as support trash pick up, events, and snow and ice removal.

Hazardous Materials Safety

The Safety & Compliance team works to minimize or eliminate the quantity and toxicity of hazardous materials that are used, stored, or disposed of on campus. They provide training on proper use of hazardous materials and assure compliance in reporting.

Bloodborne pathogen safety requirements

Chemical safety requirements

Maintenance & Utility Services

The Facilities Maintenance & Utility teams provide repair and maintenance services to all University buildings and utility distribution systems on campus. They also manage all contract maintenance and utility improvement activities.

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List of offered maintenance and utility services.
Maintenance services include: Utilities services include:

Building maintenance

Central heating and cooling

Air conditioning

Temperature/climate control


Electric power

Electrical service

Natural gas


Sanitary and storm sewers

Food service equipment

Domestic Water

Heating and ventilation  
Painting and finishing  
Roofing and waterproofing  
Stores: parts, tools, supplies  
Windows, glass, blinds  


Pest Control

Facilities Management oversees and partners with external experts to perform ongoing pest control measures across campus and respond to pest sightings. Our primary external partner is Plunketts/Varment Guard. All buildings on campus receive seasonal perimeter treatments, indoor traps/bait stations, and routine checks.

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Please include clear photos and detailed descriptions, including: 

  • Where and when the pest was found
  • If it was alive or dead
  • A physical description
  • For insects, we also highly encourage trapping and/or keeping the carcasses to help with identification.

Stormwater Management

Facilities Management teams are responsible for managing the stormwater runoff that comes primarily from impervious surfaces like parking lots, driveways, and rooftops. We work closely with civil engineers, landscape architects, and regulatory agencies to assure we are constantly improving our stormwater infrastructure and practices. Our goal is to manage the rate and quality of water that is released into the system, before it gets to local rivers and streams.



Sustainability is at the heart of our facilities work on campus. We are committed to climate action and to the principles of the Laudato Si. This commitment shapes our decision making, campus planning, and capital investments.  

Tree Inventory & Management

Trees are a valuable asset to our campus and the surrounding community, providing numerous benefits to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. They provide improved air quality, absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants, reduce the effects of urban heat islands, and release oxygen. Climate change, invasive pests, and disease are key threats to our campus trees.

Tree inventory and management



Workplace Safety

The Safety & Compliance team is responsible for assisting the University community in maintaining a safe working environment through management of various safety programs such as Reporting Workplace Injuries, Minnesota Employee Right To Know Act, Reporting Unsafe Conditions, etc. 

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Space Request

For new space requests, space assessments, a release of space, moves, or relocations, please submit a request via Service Now.