Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee

About the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee

In Spring 2019, the President’s Advisory Committee was formed to support Strategic Priority 5 from Setting Our Sails 2028: Drive a Culture of Inclusive Excellence. This committee developed the infrastructure to ensure inclusive excellence is integrated into all University operations, in order to cultivate and maintain a healthy and equitable climate.

It is with sincere gratitude for their hard work that we introduce the next step forward, and share information about the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board. This Board will carry forth the vision of the Committee as it develops, guides, and advances initiatives that build and strengthen the academic and workplace climate of St. Catherine University with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion.

This Board’s charge is to offer recommendations and advice to the President and the Senior Leadership Team that provide a pathway to inclusive excellence throughout the St. Catherine University community.  This Board is responsible for the following work:

  • Support and monitor implementation of the Driving a Culture of Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan.
  • Work in collaboration with the President, Senior Leadership Team, and other stakeholders on the implementation of the Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan, and provide ongoing status updates of progress toward goals identified in the Strategic Plan.
  • Facilitate collaborations across university departments on initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Serve as the Inclusive Excellence Task Force for the GHR Legacy Grant.
  • Monitor and review outcomes of the climate assessment.

The board will meet at least twice per semester to advance the work of the Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan and the work of the GHR Legacy Grant. Much of the work will be done through task forces to be named later. The task forces will be flexible to address the most urgent needs and provide an opportunity for other community members to be involved in the work.    

The Board was appointed by President Roloff, and members, who will serve three-year staggered terms (one year for student members)  were drawn from across the university community to include employees (faculty and staff) and student representatives. The Board will be chaired by the Director of Equity and Inclusion.

Please join us in welcoming the following members:

Nancy Heitzeg - Faculty
Sharon Howell - CSJ-Center for Spirituality and Social Justice
Amy Hamlin - Faculty
Amy Mars - Library
Louise Ba - College for Women Student Senate
Amanda Perrin - Residence Life
Julie Olson Rand - O'Neill Center
Jewelly Lee - Center for Women
Daniel Williams - Faculty
Amal Warsame - MIPS

Committee Members

Courtney Abbott
Zaynab Abdi
Louise Ba
Trina Bartok
Madeline Bianchi
Rafael Cervantes
Brittany Clausen
Kira Dahlk
Raine De Campeau
Sharon Doherty
Rebecca Gaunt Peterson
Laura Gilchrist
Mary Ann Graham
Amy Hamlin
Donna Hauer
Nancy Heitzeg
Sharon Howell
Victor Juran
Jewelly Lee
Pa Kou Lor
Jessica Lubo
Amy Mars

Sandra Mitchell
Leso Munala
Gloria Nathanson
Emmanuel Ngabire
Anh-Hoa Nguyen
Julie Olson Rand
Isabel Pastoor
Amanda Perrin
Patricia (Pat) Pratt-Cook
Dawn Quigley
Sharon Radd
Barbara Salinas
Alisson Scheel
Denise Silva
Alma Silver
Vincent Skemp
Seth Snyder
Pa Der Vang
Cuc (Kim) Vu
Amal Warsame
Daniel Williams
Lindsay Whipple
Cynthia Yang