Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee

About the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee

The Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee shall be charged with:

  • Recommend to the president the top Inclusive Excellence strategic priorities for the University to address over the next 3 to 5 years

  • Create and sustain a forum for campus-level dialogue on issues related to equity and inclusion 

  • Be inclusive excellence advocates in their respective centers of influence by promoting awareness of the policies and programs being done across the university throughout the year, that enhance diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Report annually to the President so that she can issue an annual summary with the community on progress made

The committee will consist of 15 to 20 members drawn from across the university community and including faculty, staff and student representatives. The term of service on the committee for employees will be for two to three years (one half of the committee will be for two and the other half for three years) and one to two years for students.

Inclusive Excellence Priorities

  • Develop an inclusive excellence (IE) plan to ensure coordination of efforts across the University.
  • Conduct audit of policies, procedures, and practices through the IE lens.
  • Enhance cultural fluency of students, staff, and faculty.
  • Assess current climate University-wide.
  • Establish baseline data and benchmarks.
  • Develop climate enhancement strategies.

Education Committee Charge

  • Identifying opportunities related to maximizing the inclusion of all St. Kate’s community members

  • Work to ensure that best practices and plans are communicated across the St. Kate’s community 

  • Coordinate, communicate and leverage resources and work that it happening across the university related to Inclusive Excellence

  • Provide input into the design of training utilizing consultants as needed

  • Provide input into the design of training utilizing consultants as needed

Webpage Subcommittee Charge

Develop an Inclusive Excellence web page that provides an overview of work taking place across the University and provides resources

IE Statement Subcommittee Charge

Developing a University Statement on Inclusive Excellence

Assessment Subcommittee Charge

Facilitate a campus climate assessment

  • To help identify a tool to facilitate the development and implementation of a university wide climate assessment for all St. Catherine University students, faculty and staff
  • Promote community participation in completing the climate assessment
  • Review the data from the climate results to recommend key strategies to be implemented to address opportunities identified from the climate assessment

Committee Members

Courtney Abbott
Zaynab Abdi
Trina Bartok
Madeline Bianchi
Rafael Cervantes
Brittany Clausen
Kira Dahlk
Raine De Campeau
Sharon Doherty
Rebecca Gaunt Peterson
Laura Gilchrist
Mary Ann Graham
Amy Hamlin
Donna Hauer
Nancy Heitzeg
Sharon Howell
Victor Juran
Jewelly Lee
Pa Kou Lor
Jessica Lubo
Amy Mars

Sandra Mitchell
Leso Munala
Gloria Nathanson
Emmanuel Ngabire
Anh-Hoa Nguyen
Julie Olson Rand
Isabel Pastoor
Patricia (Pat) Pratt-Cook
Dawn Quigley
Sharon Radd
Barbara Salinas
Alisson Scheel
Denise Silva
Alma Silver
Vincent Skemp
Seth Snyder
Pa Der Vang
Cuc (Kim) Vu
Lindsay Whipple
Cynthia Yang