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Tenzin Banari MAOL'21

I ran into a friend who was going through this program. I was interested in organizational development and she told me about the information session. I liked St. Kate’s program because it was more about self-growth. I knew from my Peace Corps experience that I still had growing to do.

My passion is service. I’d like to do something internationally related. The world has billions of people, but we’re all connected in some way. What we do affects somebody somewhere else. I think we have a sense of responsibility not just here, but around the world. One day, I would like to have my own NGO, or non-government organization.

I was in the Peace Corps fellowship program. My thesis topic is Tibetan American Women in Leadership. In our existing system, we lack representation in women leaders. That’s our current state of reality. The goal is to understand the roots of marginal communities. Having the right guidance and support around you is so important because a thesis takes a lot of time.

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In class, I was surprised the discussions were just as rich as the materials. My peers had a lot of amazing experiences I could listen to and learn from. Many women were already in leadership roles in their work. The person sitting right next to me was telling these amazing stories! Hearing their theories plus real life experiences was great.

St. Kate’s has given me more confidence to lead and a voice to represent as a minority student. It’s helped me grow into my role at work. Having knowledge has pushed me into exploring other positions. Growth makes you feel more prepared. I can definitely sense the support from my peers and that it’s a strong network.  A network has its own power that is limitless.

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