Interviews and Networking

We'll prepare you to walk in to job interviews and professional networking events with confidence and ease.

  • best foot forward


    Creating a positive impression during an interview is essential if you hope to receive a job offer. Most employers seek candidates who are capable of:

    • succeeding in the position,
    • “fitting in” with the organization and its culture, and
    • possessing a positive outlook and demeanor.

  • get out there


    Making connections is one of the most effective means of finding a job. Many alumnae and other professionals are happy to help others in their field.

    A career counselor can help you learn the right ways to network effectively including doing a mock interview practice session.

    Network with:

    • Friends and Family: ask them to share professional connections and job leads
    • Faculty: ask about connections to employers in your field
    • Work Colleagues
    • Members of Professional Associations: join professional associations while in college and you can often receive a reduced membership rate. Attend the association's events or—even better—volunteer to help with their programs and events.
    • Alumnae in your field: use these tips when networking with alumnae and others in your field:
      • Introduce yourself and explain that you are a Katie.
      • Ask them if they would be willing to talk with you briefly about their career field or company. Tell them you are looking for 15–30 minutes of their time by phone or in person.
      • If they agree, exchange contact information and agree on a meeting time.
      • Have some questions ready to ask them when you talk.
      • Be respectful of the agreed time commitment.
      • Send a thank you note.

  • connect online

    Networking through LinkedIn

    Build Your Profile
    Surveys show that 90% of employers view your LinkedIn profile before offering an interview. It is important to have a current, professional profile to successfully network and build your career. You can use LinkedIn's student tutorials to build and improve your profile, or visit the Career Development Office for individual LinkedIn help.

    Using LinkedIn in Your Job Search

    • Research potential employers, look for job/internships and prepare for interviews by reading their LinkedIn pages
    • Follow the company to get updates from them and to show your interest
    • Get business cards from recruiters you meet at career fairs and connect with them on LinkedIn. Send a message re-stating your interest and reminding them of your conversation.
    • Join industry groups. Follow the conversation and contribute as appropriate.