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What are my internship options?

The St. Kate's Internship Program offers two internship options: credit internships and non-credit internships. Each has a unique set of criteria and requirements.

Credit Internship Option

The Credit Internship option is designed to give students the opportunity to complete a professionally supervised and planned work experience that relates to her academic program and career interests.

  • Coordinated between: your Faculty Internship Advisor, the Internship Director and your Internship Supervisor
  • Appears as a letter grade on your transcript
  • Must be taken within your chosen major or minor; designated as course #4602/4604
  • Charged tuition for credits
  • Project oriented and cannot be more than 20% clerical in nature

Approval from the Internship Director is necessary to complete this option. Please call Career Development to schedule an appointment 651.690.8890.

Non-Credit Internship Option

The Non-Credit Internship option is a proactively planned career-building experience, coordinated primarily by the student. Non-Credit internships are not provided the same level of support by the Internship Program, as it is the responsibility of the student to utilize resources and the Non-Credit process. This option suits students not seeking credit but looking to turn an internship, volunteer job, short-term project, etc. into a structured experience.

  • Independent and self-directed; not coordinated with University faculty/staff
  • Does not need to affiliate with a specific major or minor
  • Not charged tuition or a fee
  • Does not appear on your transcript

Questions? Contact Career Development with any Internship questions.

615.690.8890 | | CdC 460

What is a Credit internship?

A Credit internship is a proactively planned experience in cooperation with you and:

  • Faculty Internship Advisor (FIA): Is a faculty member you have chosen from the department affiliated with your internship. The FIA evaluates the learning derived from the internship.
  • Internship Director: Provides the primary guidance to prospective interns, FIAs and Internship supervisors regarding the process of securing and participating in an academically appropriate internship.
  • Internship Supervisor: Provides supervision, direction and evaluation of the intern's work.

Credit internship requirements:

Coordinated between: a Faculty Internship Adviser, the Internship Director, and your internship supervisor.

  • Receives a letter grade on your transcript
  • Must be affiliated with your major or minor; designated as course #4602/4604
  • Tuition charged for credits
  • Project oriented experience that cannot be more than 20% clerical in nature

Credit Option Process

  1. Secure your internship position and start date
  2. Secure a Faculty Internship Advisor (FIA)
  3. Complete the Credit Internship Application
  4. Receive and complete the Internship Goals Worksheet (sent to your St. Kate's account)
  5. Schedule Set-Up Meeting with Laura Zirngible, Internship Director (651.690.8890) to:
    1. Review the Internship Goals Worksheet
    2. Receive a signed Internship Registration Permit

As a Credit intern, you are required to complete and submit this application.

You will need to provide the following information:

  1. Basic student information
  2. Faculty Internship Advisor name and email
  3. Internship start and end dates
  4. Internship position title
  5. Site name/organization, address and zip
  6. Internship Supervisor's name and position title
  7. Internship Supervisor's phone number and email

Summer Internship Application open. Registration deadline is Wed, June 7th.

Credit Internship Application

What is a Non-Credit Internship?

A Non-Credit internship is a proactively planned, career-building experience, coordinated primarily by the student and the site. Participating in the Non-Credit Internship process allows you to apply structure and self-direct your internship experience.

Non-Credit Internships DO NOT:

  • Involve a Faculty Internship Adviser
  • Involve Internship Director/Program oversight, but a Check-In Meeting before beginning your experience is suggested
  • Require supervision by site
  • Affiliate with a specific major or minor
  • Require a tuition charge or program fee
  • Appear on your transcript

Examples of Non-Credit Experiences:

  • Paid or unpaid formal internship
  • Volunteer work
  • Short-term project
  • Contracted work

Non-Credit Guidance Packet

As a participant of the Non-Credit Internship Option you will have access to the Non-Credit Guidance Packet. The Packet consists of various tools designed to guide you through the completion of a successful internship.

Non-Credit Guidance Packet Includes:

This resource will be emailed to your email once you have completed the online Non-Credit Internship Application.

  • Welcome Letter
  • Process Checklist: Following this process will help you to complete a successful experience
  • Non-Credit Goals Worksheet: Helps you determine your goals
  • Performance Evaluation: To be filled out by your supervisor; designed to give you feedback and stay informed of your progress
  • TIPS Lists: 2 lists giving you tips to succeed during your experience
  • Contact Guru: A networking tool to help you stay connected

Summer 2017 non-credit application is open.

Non-Credit Internship Application

Suggested websites to help you in your internship search:

KatieCareer Hundreds of internships posted specifically for Katies Largest listing of internships in US
Affordable Colleges Lists, tips and high profile internships
LookSharp | Intern Match Internships and entry level jobs
MN Non-Profits Largest non-profit job/internship board in MN World-wide non-profit opportunities
Scitech MN STEM internships for MN students

* Please note that by creating accounts with some of these websites you are giving access to your personal information, which may be shared with recruiters or become public on internet searches. Use caution if uploading a resume and consider listing only an email address (LinkedIn or St. Kate's) and not a phone or home address.

About the Program: The St. Kate’s Internship program at St. Catherine University is one component of an extensive career planning process available to students through the Career Development office. It is designed to give students the opportunity to undertake a professionally supervised and planned work experience that relates to her academic program and career interests.

Employer Benefits

Some of the benefits an employer may receive from participating in the internship program include:

  • The services of mature, academically qualified students who approach projects with fresh insight and a high level of enthusiasm and motivation
  • An opportunity to observe potential employees
  • The perspective of current academic knowledge in specialized fields
  • The opportunity to undertake special projects or short-term assignments
  • An opportunity for future managers to practice their supervisory skills
  • The opportunity to share in the preparation of future members of a profession

The Roles of the Intern and the Supervisor:

Student Intern - An Intern brings skills and fresh insights to an organization. She obviously is not an expert, but her role is much more than that of volunteer. She can make valuable contributions to the daily operations of your organization and undertake special projects that otherwise might not be accomplished.

Internship Supervisor - Student interns are supervised on-site by a staff person employed by the site organization. He/she is responsible for providing the intern with an orientation to the organization, training the intern in her required duties, and assigning, supervising, directing and evaluating the student intern’s work.

Supportive Staff and Faculty:

Faculty Internship Advisor (FIA) - Responsible for helping the student integrate the internship into her total academic experience. She/he evaluates the learning derived from the internship and provides academic direction.

Internship Director - Acts as a resource person and problem solver for an intern, FIAs and Internship Supervisors, and promotes communication between them.

Laura Zirngible
Internship Director

Time Frame

It’s important to arrange regular workday hours with your student intern. The number of hours an intern can work can be influenced by the number of credits for which she registers.

150-160 hrs per term |10-12 hrs/week | 4 Credit Internship
75-80 hrs per term | 5-6 hrs/week | 2 Credit Internship
Fall Semester Internship………..Sept-Dec
Spring Semester Internship……Feb-May
Summer Internship………………June-Aug


Depending on the resources of the sponsoring organizations, compensation can take a variety of forms:

  • Hourly wage or stipend
  • Reimbursement for mileage or other expenses incurred as part of the internship experience

Required Internship Paperwork

Internship Learning Contract

The Learning Contract is created by the student and outlines the responsibilities and goals of all participants.

Mid-Semester Review and On-Site Meeting

The Internship Supervisor is asked to complete the Mid-Semester Review form and discuss the information with the intern and the FIA during the on-site visit.

Final Evaluation

A Final Evaluation needs to be completed prior to the end of the internship and serves as the final review of the intern’s performance.

Five steps to creating a meaningful and effective internship

Post Internship Positions on KatieCareer

Faculty Internship Advisor (FIA) Role & Responsibilities

The FIA is responsible for helping the intern integrate the internship into her total academic experience. She/he:

  • Provides academic direction and evaluates the learning derived from the internship
  • Meets with the intern to assist her in defining her Learning Contract objectives and learning tasks and strategies that support them
  • Maintains appropriate contact with the student throughout her experience to give direction and support
  • The FIA is asked to initiate a phone call to the site supervisor and intern sometime during the first ten days of the semester to establish contact and communication
  • Conducts an on-site evaluation meeting with the student intern and site supervisor midpoint in the internship experience to evaluate the student’s learning and experience to date. The student is responsible for arranging this meeting among the three participants The Mid-Semester Intern Evaluation form can be used as a basis for discussion at this meeting. When an on-site evaluation is not possible, the evaluation is to be conducted by telephone and is the FIA’s responsibility to do this.
  • At the end of the semester, the FIA and student intern meet to review her journal, major work project, and to provide closure to the experience
  • The FIA evaluates the student intern’s learning and assigns and submits the grade


The role of faculty internship advisor includes the following:

  • Co-sign student’s internship registration permit
  • Provide guidance to the student with the development of her learning contract goals and objectives
  • Review and sign off on intern’s completed Learning Contract
  • Participate in Mid-Semester Evaluation meeting with Intern and Site Supervisor at internship site
  • Monitor and ensure Site Supervisor’s timely completion of Final Evaluation form and wrap-up of internship
  • Meet with student to conduct Final Reflection Discussion and collect the Personal Internship Portfolio

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