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    KatieCareer is the job and internship search site for St. Catherine University students and recent alumnae. Employers post over 5,000 job or internship opportunities each year. On-campus jobs are listed only on KatieCareer. You can upload your resume or cover letter, and even get customized alerts for opportunities that interest you. Log-in to find information on employers and career development events, too.

    DISCLAIMER Related to Student & Alumni Use of KatieCareer
    By registering with KatieCareer, students and alumni agree to allow St. Catherine University's Career Development Center access to the personal and professional information they have entered into KatieCareer. Employer information and job postings accessible through KatieCareer are provided for student and alumni convenience. Their presence does not imply endorsement by the Career Development Office at St. Catherine University. Career Development does not represent any employer, posting or advertisement, and does not make any guarantee or assume legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of employer or job information. Career Development also takes student safety and employer fraud very seriously. Users of KatieCareer can help strengthen this effort by reporting suspicious or inappropriate postings or questionable employer conduct. Contact Career Development at 651-690-8890 or send an email to This article published on the University of Notre Dame’s website provides helpful information related to fraudulent employers

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    Internships are a terrific way to gain experience, see if you like working in a specific career field and make connections to advance your career. The St. Kate's internship program offers two internship options: credit internships and non-credit internships. Each has a unique set of criteria and requirements. Learn more, find or set up an internship now.

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