Employer Partnerships and Recruiting

At St. Catherine University, we value our relationships with employers. Consider providing learning opportunities for current and graduated Katies.

  • KatieCareer powered by Handshake

    Posting a Job or Internship

    Whether you’re looking to submit a job or internship, update an existing listing, or register your company, use our university's recruiting platform, KatieCareer powered by Handshake! Your position will be viewable by both students and alumnae.

    Questions? Email us or call 651.690.8890 for answers to all your questions about posting opportunities for students.

  • connect with a student who can help you out

    Posting Household Positions

    Are you looking to advertise on behalf of an individual or private family for household help? Whether you are looking for a nanny, personal care attendant, tutor, elder care, lawn work, or anything in-between, please download, complete, and submit the form below. Email us at askcareer@stkate.edu with your completed form or if you have any questions.

  • join us on campus


    Tabling and Interview Days
    Beyond using KatieCareer by Handshake, you can arrange a campus visit to host a recruiting/info table or an on-campus interviewing day. This is a great way to make your organization and available positions known to our students.

    All tabling visits are held from 10am–2pm in the student center, Coeur de Catherine. Employers may request one session per semester. St. Catherine University reserves the right to grant or deny tabling requests by employers to best fit our student needs. Fill out this form to reserve a tabling date or email EmployerRelations@stkate.edu with questions. We look forward to working with you!

    Career Fairs
    The St. Catherine University Career Opportunities Fair is held during fall semester. This fair provides an excellent occasion to connect with talented students and alumni for upcoming job openings and internships. Employer registration will begin in mid-July via KatieCareer by Handshake. Create an account and connect St. Catherine University.

  • St. Kate's Internship Program

    Requirements of an Internship

    About the Program

    The St. Kate’s Internship Program at St. Kate's is designed to provide an opportunity for students to undertake a professionally supervised and planned work experience that relates to a their academic program and career interests.

    Employer Benefits

    Some of the benefits of hiring interns include:

    • the services of mature, academically qualified students who approach projects with fresh insight and a high level of enthusiasm and motivation
    • an opportunity to observe potential employees
    • the perspective of current academic knowledge in specialized fields
    • the opportunity to undertake special projects or short-term assignments
    • an opportunity for future managers to practice their supervisory skills
    • the opportunity to share in the preparation of future members of a profession

    The Roles of the Intern and the Supervisor

    • Student Intern: A student intern brings skills and fresh insights to an organization, can make valuable contributions to the daily operations of a business, and undertake special projects that otherwise might not be accomplished.
    • Internship Supervisor: The internship supervisor provides orientation of the organization to the student intern, trains the intern on required duties and work assignments, and provides supervision, direction and evaluation of the student’s work.

    Supportive Staff and Faculty

    • Faculty Internship Advisor (FIA): The faculty internship advisor helps the student integrate the internship learning opportunities into their total academic experience.
    • Internship Program Director: The internship program director acts as an informational resource and problem solver for the student intern, the FIA and internship supervisor, and promotes communication between the three. Contact Laura Zirngible, internship program director, at 651.690.6948 or lazirngible@stkate.edu.

    Suggested Internship Time Commitment

    Arranging regular work hours with your student intern is recommended. The number of hours can be determined by the number of credits for which the student registers. For example:

    4 Credit Internship | 10-12 hours/week | 150-160 hours per semester

    2 Credit Internship | 5-6 hours/week | 75-80 hours per semester

    • fall semester internship: September – December
    • spring semester internship: February – May
    • summer internship: June – August


    Depending on the resources of the internship organization, compensation varies. Organizations could provide an hourly wage or stipend or reimbursement for mileage or expenses, for example.

    Required Internship Paperwork

    Internship Learning Contract: The student intern completes this form and outlines the responsibilities and goals of all participants.

    Mid-Semester Review: The internship supervisor will complete this form and discuss the information with the intern and FIA during an on-site meeting.

    Final Evaluation: The internship supervisor will complete this form as the as the final review of the student intern’s performance.