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Choosing to live on campus at St. Kate's places you in the center of University life — meaning you’re close to your classes, friends, professors, study resources, social events, athletics, culture, food and fun.

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    Live on Campus

    The residence halls at St. Kate’s provide comfortable and supportive communities that encourage learning outside the classroom. Here you’ll meet friends, and make connections that can last a lifetime! Plus, the caring Residence Life staff members are committed to helping you succeed in all aspects of University life. St. Kate's also offers special themed communities in the residence halls to provide a unique experience around your interests, making it easy to find the perfect place to call home on campus.

    Browse our traditional on-campus housing options, and find the perfect place to call home at St. Kate’s.

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    Other Important Resources

    When planning to live on campus, here are a few other things worth reviewing.

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    See what St. Kate's students have to say about living on campus.

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