Get Involved

Going to college is about so much more than simply earning your degree. Now is the time for you to explore new interests, get involved and grow!

  • connect

    Student Center and Activities

    Connect with those who share a common goal, to spending time with those who enjoy similar activities, to learning new perspectives from those who are nothing like you — participating in St. Kate’s on campus community gives you the opportunity to learn in ways you’ve never imagined.

  • lead

    Women's Center

    The Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women works toward equality, tackling issues such as class, gender, race and more, providing information and resources to students and faculty alike.

  • advocate

    Multicultural and International Programs and Services

    Participate in multicultural organizations, advocate for others, and grow together.

  • engage

    Center for Community Work and Learning

    Promote social justice and connect with the greater community through meaningful service-learning opportunities and student employment.

  • engage

    Center for Spirituality and Social Justice

    Share in your faith and contribute to your campus community through service.

  • join

    Clubs and Organizations

    Experience personal growth, meet new friends, share common interests, and have some fun outside of the classroom!

around campus

Whether you are working out, looking for a place to study, attending mass
or spending an evening at the theater, there's a place for you at St. Kate's.

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