Faith & Spiritual Life

Whether you are searching for spiritual guidance or are looking to share your faith experiences with others, St. Kate’s provides a supportive faith community, grounded in the search for social justice.

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    The Center for Spirituality and Social Justice

    St. Kate's Center for Spirituality and Social Justice (CSSJ) is dedicated to helping students grow in their spirituality and discover aspects of social justice that are important to them. The charism of our founders seeks to “move toward a greater love of God and Dear Neighbor without distinction.”

    The CSSJ helps students move toward God and our Dear Neighbor by creating opportunities for discussion and discovery. We welcome people of all faiths or no faith who want to grow in their understanding of others and the ways we can strengthen our communities.

  • Our Lady of Victory Chapel is the soul of St. Kate’s, a beautiful beacon of faith. The Chapel is where our community gathers to celebrate, mourn, and discuss. It is a space for all students seeking a little calm and quiet between classes.