Brightspace D2L & Canvas

The University is in the process of replacing our Learning Management System (LMS), Brightspace D2L, with Canvas. The rollout of Canvas will take place over the 2022-2023 school year. During the transition, we will have three LMS operating simultaneously. Brightspace D2L, Canvas, and Canvas – OTA Online.

Which system do I use for my course(s)?


All courses for 2023 J-Term and Spring will be taught in Canvas unless listed otherwise to be in Brightspace D2L or the Canvas - OTA Online LMS. Be sure to review the lists below to ensure which learning system your course will be in.

Help guides and Training for Canvas

Canvas – OTA Online

The OTA Online Canvas environment is designed for those enrolled in, designing, or teaching curriculum for the OTA Online program. All OTA Online courses are being taught in Canvas – OTA Online, EXCEPT the following which will be in Canvas for 2023 J-Term and Spring.

Medical Terminology - IPE-1020-V01

Biomedical Ethics - PHIL - 2440 - V01

Biomedical Ethics - PHIL - 2440 - V02

Theological Questions - THEO - 1000 - V02

The Sacramental Life - THEO - 2040W - V01


This link replaces the previously labeled OTA Online under the Academics section on the Student page and Academic Resources on the Faculty/Staff page.

Brightspace – D2L

Courses being taught in Brightspace D2L for 2023 J-Term and Spring

Accounting and Finance Skills for Effective Decision Making - ORLD-6400-J01

Accounting and Finance Skills for Effective Decision Making - ORLD-6402-J01

Action Research Project - EDUC-8920-G08, G09, G10, G11,G12, & G19

Action Research/Practicum Design and Proposal - ORLD-8901-G01

Advanced Clinical Practice II - DPT-7136-J01

Advanced Health Assessment across the Lifespan for the Nurse Educator - NURS-6142-J01

Advanced Informatics - NURS-8525-G01

Advanced Practice: Leadership and Ethics - ORLD-8000-G01

Biomedical Ethics - CRST-3400-J01

Biomedical Ethics - PHIL-3400-J01

Capstone Seminar and Project - PTA-2410-M01

Clinical Assessment - GRSW-6450-G01 & G02

Clinical Education IV - DPT-7155-G01

Clinical Experience II - PTA-2100-J01

Clinical Experience III - PTA-2210-M01

Clinical Practice with Adolescents - GRSW-6220-G01

Difference and Conflict Competence - ORLD-8400-G01

Digital Video for K-12 Classroom Settings - EDUC-6720-G01

Directed Study: EDUC 3130 Materials and Methods of Physical Education - EDUC-4681-J01

Directed Study: ENGL 2270W Global Shakespeare - ENGL-2684-J01

Directed Study: ENGL 3250 Canons in Conversation - ENGL-4684-D01

Directed Study: EXSS 3700 Theory, Techniques and Psychology of Coaching Women's Sports - EXSS-4682-D01

Directed Study: NPSO 3050 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations - SOWK-4684-D01

Directed Study: SOCI 3700W Social Theory - SOCI-4684-D01

DNP Practicum - NURS-8503-J01

DNP Project - NURS-8600-G01

Energy Healing II - HHS-7835-G01

Ethics and Human Rights for Global Health - HLTH-6100-J01

Ethics and Leadership Summit - DPT-7165-G01

Evidence-based Practice and Outcome Management - NURS-4130-J02

Family Resilience and Diversity: Immigrants and Refugees - GRSW-5410-G01

Family Resilience and Diversity: Immigrants and Refugees - SOWK-4410-D01

Family Resilience and Diversity: Immigrants and Refugees - SOWK-4410-W01

Fashion Portfolio - FASH-4800-D01

Feminist Philosophy - CRST-3900-D01

Feminist Philosophy - PHIL-3900-D01

Feminist Philosophy - WOST-3900-D01

Field Practicum and Seminar II - GRSW-5060-G01, G02, & G03

Field Practicum and Seminar IV - GRSW-6080-G01, G02, G03 & G04

Fitness and Wellness - EXSS-1100-J01

Foundations of Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity - CRST-2050W-J01

Foundations of Leadership and Ethics - ORLD-6200-G01

Grief Counseling and Therapy - GRSW-6120-G01

Healthcare Teams and Quality Outcomes - IPE-1040-J01 & J02

Healthcare Teams and Quality Outcomes - IPE-1040-J02

Independent Study: Figure Drawing - ART-4952-D01

Integrative Psychotherapy - GRSW-6190-G01

Intermediate Creative Writing - ENGL-3310-D01

Intermediate Creative Writing - ENGL-3310-W01

Internship - COMM-4604-D01

Internship - ECON-4604-D01

Internship - PSYC-4602-D01

Internship - THEO-4604-D01

Internship/Practicum - ORLD-7601-G01

Internship/Practicum - ORLD-7602-G01

Internship/Practicum - ORLD-7603-G01

Intro to Microbiology - Lab 1 - BIOL-2200-W50

Intro to Microbiology - Lab 2 - BIOL-2200-W51

Intro to Microbiology - Lab 3 - BIOL-2200-W52

Intro to Microbiology - Lab 4 - BIOL-2200-D53

Intro to Microbiology - Lab 5 - BIOL-2200-D54

Intro to Microbiology - Lab 6 - BIOL-2200-D55

Introduction to Microbiology with Lab - BIOL-2200-D02

Introduction to Microbiology with Lab - BIOL-2200-W01

Leadership Action Research Project - ORLD-8980-G50

Leadership in Designing Systems for Nursing Education - NURS-7653-G01

Leadership Seminar - ORLD-8800-G01

Leadership Thesis - Workshop - ORLD-8990-G50

Leading Edge Colloquium, Level I - ORLD-6900-G01 & G02

Leading Edge Colloquium, Level II - ORLD-7800-G01 & G02

Leading Edge Colloquium, Level III - ORLD-8500-G01 & G02

Learning and Service Through Immersion - PTA-2260-M01

Learning from Elder Teachers in Healthcare Teams - IPE-4500-D01

Learning from Elder Teachers in Healthcare Teams - IPE-6500-G01

Level II Fieldwork - OCTH-7710-J01

Literacy and Learning Redefined in the Digital Era - EDUC-6450-G01

Medical Nutrition Therapy II - Lab - FSNU-4375-D50

Medical Nutrition Therapy II with Lab - FSNU-4375-D01

Methods and Materials in Art for Elementary Teachers - EDUC-3080-D01

Methods and Materials in Music - EDUC-3110-D01

Methods and Materials in Physical Education - EDUC-3130-D01

Methods of Clinical Social Work II - GRSW-6040-G01, G02, & G03

Native Americans: Building Respectful Pedagogy and Curriculum - EDUC-6300-G01

Nurse Educator as Leader - NURS-7662-G01

Operations Management - MGMT-4400-D01

Organizational Strategies - People and Culture - ORLD-6502-J01

Organizations: Social and Political Structures - ORLD-6250-G01

Personal and Team Leadership to Drive Results - ORLD-7000-G01

Personal and Team Leadership to Drive Results - ORLD-7000-J01

Perspectives of Health and Healing in India - HHS-7810-J01, J02, & J80

Preparation for Nurse Practitioner Clinical Practice: Adults and Older Adults - NURS-6321-J01

Preparation for Nurse Practitioner Clinical Practice: Pediatrics - NURS-6311-J01

Procedures and Diagnostics in Primary Care - NURS-6270-J01

Project Management and Implementation - MHI-5210-J01

Public Health in Conflict and Humanitarian Emergencies - HLTH-6330-J01

Radiation Biology - RAD-2020-M01

Reading Literature - ENGL-1250-D01

Research Project Credits III - DPT-8000-G01

Research Seminar - HHS-8980-G01

Research: Analysis of Alkaloids from Plant Nectar Using Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry - CHEM-4912-D02

Research: Annotation & Analysis of the Insulin Signaling Pathway in Drosophila Melanogaster - BIOL-4914-D01

Research: Microwave Assisted Reduction of Graphene Oxide - CHEM-4912-D01

Selling in Healthcare - SALE-3530-D01

Social Policy and Advocacy Practice - GRSW-6250-G01 & G02

Social Work Practice Research - GRSW-6810-G01

Social Work Practice Research - GRSW-6810-G02

Spiritual Wellness - HHS-6740-G01

Sports Nutrition - FSNU-3400-D01

Strategic Communication - ORLD-6300-G01

Student Teaching Elementary - EDUC-3812-D01

Student Teaching Seminar - EDUC-3650-D01

Student Teaching Seminar - EDUC-3650-W01

Student Teaching Seminar - EDUC-7650-G01

Study Abroad - General - SPST-4980-D01, D02, D03, D04, D05, &D06

Study Abroad - General - SPST-4980-J01, J02, J03, J04, & J05

Study Abroad - General - SPST-4980-W01

SySTEMic Integration - Transforming Education through STEM Instruction - EDUC-6827-G01

The Anatomy of Violence - INDI-2910-D01

The Anatomy of Violence - INDI-2910-W01

The Anatomy of Violence - WOST-2910-D01

The Anatomy of Violence - WOST-2910-W01

The Cultural Context of Leadership - ORLD-6700-J01

The Cultural Context of Leadership: Cuba - ORLD-6700-J02 & J03

The Outdoor Classroom - EDUC-6805-G01

Theological Ethics - THEO-2200-J01

Theological Ethics - THEO-2200-J02

Theory and Practice of Social Work II - GRSW-5020-G01

Thesis Design and Proposal - ORLD-8902-G01

Topics III - RAD-2150-M01

Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies - ENGL-3290-D01

Topics: Leading Edge Coll 2 - ORLD-6981-G02

Topics: Leading Edge Coll 2 - ORLD-6991-G01 & G02

Topics: Leading Edge Coll 3 - ORLD-6991-G03 & G04

Topics: Leading Edge Colloq 1 - ORLD-6981-G01

Topics: Race, Racism, & Rep - PHIL-4994-D01

Trend Forecasting and Analysis - FASH-3150-J01, J02, & J03



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