Educating Women to Lead and Influence

The School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences serves students in all three colleges of the University (two of which are co-educational), but its primary commitment is to the education of women students in the bachelor's degree programs. A liberal arts education in a women’s college aims to change the world, not just to help students become successful.

Influenced by the values of our founders and sponsors the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the School empowers women to confront social inequalities that would limit their own and others’ achievement. Analysis, creative work and active leadership take place in a context of responsibility to one another and to disenfranchised communities. In engaging women’s experiences in scholarship and teaching, our faculty recognize the importance of race, class, gender and other differences.

Our long standing dedication to women’s education has created a learning environment that emphasizes a commitment to excellence and opportunity, collaboration, inclusion, interdisciplinary engagement and pedagogical innovation — all with a focus on ethical leadership skills that increasingly are necessary in a complex and changing world. Beyond fostering women’s well-being, the School strengthens diverse women’s capacity to contribute through intellectual life to the well-being of their families, workplaces and communities.