Weather balloon release
A high-altitude balloon — about to be released — enables physics students to gather atmospheric data for a collaborative research project.


Scientific literacy is crucial for our 21st-century global environment and economy. The School’s departments in the natural and social sciences help science majors practice in their chosen fields. They help all students — majors and non-majors — become scientifically literate citizens. Science faculty members are committed to providing inclusive classroom environments that value the diversity of student experiences and backgrounds, foster collaboration and self-directed learning, and support the potential of all students.

The curriculum emphasizes science as a process of inquiry. Laboratory and field experiences closely integrate teaching with research and serve as a model for students in how scientific knowledge is acquired. Students learn that science takes place in a societal and global context, and are encouraged to study abroad.

Fields of study

All sciences offerings are at the bachelor’s degree level. For more information about a specific field of study, click on a program link below.