Education Extension Program

Computer Science Education for All

Through St. Kate's Education Extension (EdEx) program, teachers can expand their computer science (CS) background knowledge, earn St. Kate's graduate credits, and learn how to use online curriculum for their K–12 students provided by our EdEx partners. Each EdEx partner’s program may differ slightly.

To earn graduate credits through any of these partners:

  1. Follow the link below to the EdEx partner's program page, follow their directions to register--and pay for--the approved professional development programs listed here.
  2. Either during the registration process at the partner's website, or after completing their course successfully (B-/80% or higher final grade) you can pay to have the graduate credit transcripted via St.Kate's. (Links below!)

Note: You may transfer 2 EdEx graduate credits into the STEM or Technology Integration certificate or MAED program. For more information on transfers contact

Graduate certificates for licensed teachers

Master of Arts in Education for Licensed Teachers

CodeHS Logo computer and text
6–12 Computer Science

CodeHS provides online CS curriculum for students in grades 6–12. This curriculum was developed with the supported of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA).

CodeHS offers online professional development courses such as Teaching Intro to Computer ScienceTeaching AP Computer Science PrinciplesTeaching Computing IdeasTeaching Intro to Python, and more. CodeHS PD courses empower teachers with the skills, pedagogical knowledge, and confidence to teach great computer science courses in a blended classroom—no computer science experience required.

CodeHS PD is designed for passionate teachers who are interested in teaching computer science, but do not necessarily have a background in programming. It can also help computer science teachers who are looking to expand their course offerings to include higher-level or AP computer science courses.

Through the CodeHS and St. Kate's partnership, teachers who complete approved CodeHS PD courses have the opportunity to earn graduate credit! To learn how to enroll in a CodeHS online PD course, visit

Learn how to enroll in a CodeHS online PD course

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Game Design

You can now earn EdEx Credits through St. Kate’s for the CSTA and Zulama by EMC School Computer Science and Game Design Certificate Course!

Do your students like to play games? You can bring CS Education to your classroom with Zulama, a student-facing CS Curriculum offered by EMC School and the Computer Science Teachers’ Association (CSTA).

"Gaming” doesn’t only mean video games. Gamers also play board games, card games, simulations, and participate in interactive stories. This course breaks down the design process step by step and teaches the same fundamentals of game design that professional designers use to create hit games! Students learn through hands-on modding, prototyping, and iteration of a variety of games. Final projects will include building, playtesting, and revising original games that can be played with friends and added to game portfolios.

By completing a fun and highly interactive, self-paced, 30-hour online course, you will learn and apply game design principles and programming skills to prepare yourself for offering this curriculum in your classroom. Using the professional game engine, GameMaker Studio 2™, you will design and code an original video game and showcase it in your own digital portfolio.

CS Computer Science Teachers Association
How to Earn EdEx Credit from St. Kate's

For the CSTA and Zulama by EMC School Computer Science and Game Design Certificate Course

  1. Register for the course. Register for the Computer Science and Game Design Certificate Course on CSTA’s website. The cost of the course is $400 (ExEd Credit cost not included). CSTA+ members receive a 20% discount on the course.
  2. Access the course. After you’ve submitted your registration and payment to CSTA, Zulama by EMC School will contact you with instructions on how you can access and complete the course.
  3. Complete the course. Work through all three levels of the course. Once you’ve completed the third level successfully, CSTA will award your digital badge and certificate of completion.
  4. Request EdEx credit. Once you receive your certificate of completion from CSTA, submit your request for EdEx credit through St. Kate's. St. Kate's will review your request and award your EdEx credit.. The cost of the EdEx credit is $150.

Teachers must complete the course with 80% proficiency, or a B, to earn the transcripted accredited graduate credit.

Register for the Computer Science and Game Design certificate course

Register for the additional EdEx credit

Teachers must complete the course with 80% proficiency, or a B, to earn the transcripted accredited graduate credit.