Parent & Family Association

Providing a welcoming community for parents and families of current undergraduate students.

  • community of support

    Helping Parents and Families Help Students Reach Their Goals

    The mission of the Parent and Family Association is to provide a welcoming community for parents and families of current students, to provide resources, guidance, opportunities for involvement and, timely communication that will assist students in attaining their academic and career goals.

    At St. Kate's, we take great care in creating an environment where your student will ultimately flourish. We have carefully designed a network of support for your student and thoughtfully guide students through the St. Kate's experience.

    Our hope is that you get connected to St. Kate's and stay connected.

    Provide us with your contact information.

  • goals

    Parents and families will...

    Receive ongoing, relevant communication from St. Catherine University.

    • Communicating what the families want and need to know
    • Communicating in multiple ways using multiple vehicles

    Know where to go for information and help

    • Parents and families can help their daughters when questions and problems arise
    • Parents and families feel their daughter’s concerns and problems are being addressed in a timely and appropriate way

    Know about and understand the purpose of the St. Catherine University Parent and Family Association

    Report that they are satisfied with their relationship with St. Catherine University

    • Parents and families report positive on-campus experiences

    Be able to engage in the University community in varied and appropriate ways

    • Engagement is “with parents and families” rather than “for parents and families"

    See St. Catherine University as a worthy charitable.

  • get involved

    A Great Way to Stay Connected

    • Become a "Shadow Host" for a student considering your profession.
    • Sponsor an internship for a St. Kate's student at your company or organization.
    • Serve as a resource for parents of first-year students.
    • Act as a host for parent receptions at University events.
    • Volunteer for Family Weekend activities.
    • Become a council member of the Parent and Family Advisory Council.

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Contact Us

If you would like to get involved or if you have questions about our parent and family programs, please contact:

Sabrina Anderson
Co-Chair of the Parent and Family Association

651-690-6593 |