Service Now

For information technology issues or requests use ServiceNow  where you will find articles for self help, a form to report an issue, forms for logging a request for something you need, and where you will find hours and helpdesk contact information.

From ServiceNow you will be able to:

Report an Issue

Something broken? Not working correctly? Submit a ticket so we can help you.

Request Services

Need something new that you don't currently have? Request services, hardware, software from our catalog.

Search Knowledge

Browse our repository for information on a growing number of University topics

Can't find what you're looking for?

Tell us your question and we will help find an answer

Contact HelpDesk

Help Desk

Call:              651-690-6402 - 24/7 service
Visit:              Library 120

What we help with

Login issues

Broken links on the website

Missing content on the website

Finding information

Getting help with computer issues

Requesting changes to the website

Requesting software

Requesting hardware

Purchasing software licenses

Error messages


Always feel free to reach out to use if you cannot find something or need help with any technology problem!