St. Catherine University Nursing partners with Nurses Climate Challenge

In a simulated clinical setting, one nursing student performs an assessment with a stethoscope as two additional students observe and collaborate. All wearing purple scrubs.

St. Catherine University’s Nursing Department recently partnered with Nurses Climate Challenge, a national campaign mobilizing nurses to engage and educate health professionals and students about climate and health. Led by Health Care Without Harm and the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, The Nurses Climate Challenge provides resources to nurses to meet the goal of educating 50,000 health professionals about the health impacts of climate change by 2022. St. Kate’s is joining schools across the country in this initiative, including Columbia University, Duke University, and New York University.

The health impacts of climate change are gaining attention, making it an important aspect of nursing care. By working with Nurses Climate Challenge, St. Kate’s nursing faculty can incorporate a comprehensive set of resources to prepare nursing students to better care for patients and communities in a world with a changing climate.

Dean of Nursing Laura Fero, PhD, MSN, RN, says, “We are very excited to partner with Nurses Climate Challenge. Part of our vision at St. Kate’s is to educate and transform the world. We engage deeply with our global and local community partners in order to improve the health of all people without distinction and prepare students with a particular focus on cultural fluency, interprofessional collaborative practice, and ecologic approaches to health. Climate change is influencing overall health outcomes, especially for those most vulnerable and it is necessary for our nursing students and faculty at all levels to understand and influence these outcomes.”