June 09, 2017

The state of the Kates in 1967 and 1992

St. Catherine University Reunion 2017 celebrates Katies who graduated in years ending in 2 or 7 — among those, our Katies celebrating their 50th and 25th anniversaries. As Reunion participants make their way back to campus today and tomorrow, here’s a look at some of the happenings of 1967 and 1992.

The Wheel, our student-run newspaper, has been covering events on and off campus since 1935. Underneath each news bullet you'll find a date with a link — click it to view its respective edition of The Wheel.


1966–67 marked the 22nd anniversary of the end of World War II, and found itself in the middle of yet another: the Vietnam War. Well-known radio-television journalist Nancy Dickerson, radio-television personality Art Linkletter, and Vietnam War correspondent Craig Spence made appearances as guest speakers at St. Kate's.

  • Fall 1966 brought about plans for the construction of what we now know as The O'Shaughnessy and the Visual Arts Building. Three years earlier, St. Kate's began a fundraiser that ultimately raised over four million dollars, a sum matched by a one-million-dollar from the Ford Foundation.
    October 7, 1966
  • Vietnam War correspondent Craig Spence delivered the winter convocation address and spoke about his experience in the war "from a correspondent's point of view." Spence also met with students in Whitby Hall.
    December 9, 1966
  • The theology major was approved, accompanied by the addition of several new classes available to students. Sister Rosalie, theology department chair at the time, "pointed to the expansion in the field of religious education, the development of lay leadership, and need for an informed laity as reasons for establishing theology as an undergraduate major."
    April 14, 1967
  • The Dolphins, St. Kate's former synchronized swim team, celebrated 30 years in the water. Their annual water show was titled "30 Years Under the CS Sea" — a pun on the College of St. Catherine (CSC), the former name of St. Catherine University.
    April 14, 1967


The early 90s — George H.W. Bush was in office, and Thelma and Louise was making waves in the world of feminism. St. Kate's received musical guests such as Take 6, a Grammy award-winning gospel group.

  • The LEAD Team entered its second year. LEAD (Leadership, Encouragement, Assistance and Development) Team has become a vital contributor to leadership development of student organizations and clubs on campus.
    August 1991
  • St. Kate's hosted the 1991 Special Olympics, "housing athletes, trainers, and their families from Gibralter, Ireland, Iceland and Idaho," according to The Wheel. "The Special Olympics was touted by local press as the largest sporting event in the world this year."
    August 1991
  • The installation of a new phone system created a degree of mayhem on campus — students voiced concerns about the difficulty of learning how to use it. The benefits of the new digital system included the novel addition of a voicemail feature.
    September 19, 1991
  • Summer renovations of Mendel Hall culminated just in time for the beginning of Fall 1991. Additions included remodeled research labs and chemistry offices, new classrooms and windows, and extended air conditioning.
    September 19, 1991
  • Becky Roloff, our 11th University President and 1976 alumna, was named the new Chair of the Board of Trustees of St. Kate's, and was one of three Alumnae Award recipients in the 1991 Alumnae Leadership Conference. "I came to St. Catherine's as a good thinker and when I graduated I realized how St. Catherine's had tremendously enhanced me to develop my critical mind," she says in the Wheel article.
    October 17, 1991

Reunion 2017 takes place June 9–10 and celebrates all Katies who graduated in years ending in 2 or 7. For more information, visit the official Reunion page or contact Alumnae Relations at alumnae@stkate.edu or (651) 690-6666.

Story by Michelle Mullowney