December 13, 2016

SciGirls Emmy win features St. Kate's STEM efforts

As part of a National Science Foundation grant, St. Kate's Education faculty Siri Anderson leads the initiative "to expand our repertoire of strategies for teaching women and girls STEM + Computer Science."

Twin Cities PBS's STEM Media & Education Unit was recently honored with an Upper Midwest Regional Emmy® Award for SciGirls: Real Women, Real Jobs. Featured in the film are the successes of our very own Siri Anderson, associate professor and director of graduate education for licensed teachers.

The thirty-minute documentary was shot at St. Kate's and features one of the leadership team members of Katie Coders, a project investigating the best practices for teaching 10–14-year-old girls in computational thinking and coding. The film also profiles eleven other women from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Each share their successes, challenges, and their joy in jobs where women are underrepresented — specifically, careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). SciGirls portrays women working in STEM disciplines in everything from engineering to firefighting.

Anderson is co-principal investigator on a National Science Foundation grant with Twin Cities Public Television, which was "designed to assess our ability to impact girls in Career and Technical Education or STEM Classes by helping their teachers to implement Gender Equitable Teaching Strategies," she says. (For more information on the grant, which was awarded in June 2015, see the link below this article.)

Anderson and the Education Department are working to expand their repertoire of strategies for teaching STEM and Computer Science. "Helping women to be all they can be is a core part of the St. Kate's vision," she explains. "Expanding the capacity of teachers in STEM and Career and Technical Education fields to better reach young women in their secondary settings aligns perfectly with that vision."

You can watch SciGirls: Real Women, Real Jobs here in full.

By Michelle Mullowney '17